The process stays the same it’s only when our minds change then so do our results.

Staying focused on the day to day training that takes place when we are committed to practicing our fitness or maintaining and developing strength. We usually know what to do. But we know that we can always use that extra push from a coach, teammate or training partners. We can always do more for others then for ourselves.  Taking the fundamentals and continuing to master them even if our minds take us away from that very focused time in space to chatter “there has to be a better, funner way” that’s when second guessing what we are doing can creep in. If we don’t challenge ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.  We become stale in those aspects of life and fitness, We live to grow and GROW to live. We have to continually train our minds and bodies into healthy habits that will benefit our health and well being but also benefit others.  We also must train hard to keep the strength progressing and to elevate our work capacity (conditioning) and that effort both mentally and physically take ENERGY.  So over time our habits shape who we become. So you can dress up HARD WORK nay way you want but you will still have to do the work year in and year out.  A squat is still a squat, a snatch is still a snatch and an overhead press is still an overhead press.  Their can always be unique approaches to strength training and fitness but THE FUNDAMENTALS WILL ALWAYS STAY THE SAME. 

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