Wednesday’s Strength

6 to 7 doubles of jerk from rack
5 to 6 sets of 2 snatch balance, snatch it up and work on a fast and crisp catch at the bottom.
Bench press reverse bands 6 doubles, medium blue bands from an Elite Fitness cage. Work to get a heavy clean hard double, earn it.
Finish with 10 bent rows from the ground and then if you can go right into power shrugs. A power shrug incorporates the and upper Back hips hammies and oh yeah tha Traps exclusively. The reps will go like this 10 down to 5 for both rows and shrugs. Throw in double unders 60, 50,40,30,20 and 15 to add variety.
Next up dips 10 down to 1 with band pull a parts @ 20 reps per set.
That’s our session of the day and don’t hesitate to modify it to fit your game plan, remember it is only a template to get crazy strong.
Thank you very much and keep working hard.