What’s BodyBuilding ?

1. Building up the body in A. strength B. bodyweight C. work capacity and D. healthy habits

2. A. Building up strength, hypertrophy, maintaining or increasing healthy ranges of motion and flexibility.

B. Cycling different exercises every 2 to 6 months in order for the body to adapt with a set routine on specific days of training for back, legs, arms, abdominals, calves, chest, shoulders, traps, forearms.

C. Variety of sets, repetitions, tempo and positions throughout the year to help keep the body working hard to adapt to new stimuli which will lead to strength, health and vigor.

D. It takes time to learning and mastering an exercise or movement. Once confidence is built up then we can challenge the body and mind in variations of sets, reps, tempo and weight. This means upping your intensity for more progress.

E. Moderate bodybuilding can produce quality muscle over a period of time. Example the sport of bodybuilding.

F. Bodybuilding in sports training, fitness and rehabilitation helps with keeping the body healthy, together and injury resistant by strengthening muscle imbalances and weak areas on the body.

Bodybuilding workouts are maintainable and intensity levels can be managed by goals set by you or your coach. You don’t always have to max out intensity level. Bodybuilding will help athletes of all levels perform better with consistent workouts.

G. Deliberate tempo, pace and rest between sets allows for proper tension and stretching of the muscle trained to be worked in good form which helps with quality strength gains and long term progress. Bodybuilding also helps with strengthening the bones, ligaments and tendons which help with healthy movement patterns. Bodybuilding is also considered glue for the body. It keeps the body together.

H. Training compound movements develops strength fast because more weight be used when utilizing the entire body in one strength movement rather than several different exercises.

As you become stronger and increase weight on the bar weaknesses in different positions can show up either as bad technique/form or limited max lifts or reaching a plateau or even becoming injured when the load overcomes your weakest link.

Training in different positions or variations will help bring up weaknesses too. That’s what drop sets help with, increasing blood flood flow for recovery and repetitions for hypertrophy, durability. This creates balance within the body (thicker muscle). This helps keep the body healthy.

Bodybuilding and also called accessory movements with high reps or moderates controlled, positional, tempo are all variations within the scheme of a training session.

Bodybuilding will always have a place in fitness, sport and health.