Gains are slow but journey isn’t

Gains from weightlifting have slowed, but the drive to excel toward progress hasn’t. Right now we are breaking down the lifts to work on weaknesses and adding a ton of reps from different positions.
Wednesday went like this Jerk from blocks 6 to 7 doubles.
Jerk recovery 3 sets of two at 142 kg.
Overhead squats 5 ,4,3,2,1
Snatch from blocks 4 sets of 2, 1 power, 1 snatch
Cleans from blocks 4 sets of 1 power and 1 clean
Ghr’s 3 sets of 5 with mini band
2 sets of a shoulder complex, lat raise, front raise, rear delta, and seated push outs.
Friday we’ll head to San Ramon to train at Cal strength. We look forward to seeing Glenn Pendlay Donny Shankle,Jon North, Spencer Moorman, Rob Blackwell and a bunch of other strong dudes, it’ll be a fun trip. Oh and Ben Claridad, Cecily Basques, Charlie Zamora from Warriorz, Matt Pedri from Midtown, John Tai and Legendary Don Weideman.

Keep practicing and stay dedicated.