Grasping the concept of improvement

We are on our second week of Randall Strossen’s 20 rep squat program. We added 10 lbs to the bar from last week and it got a little tougher mentally and physically. we now know that we must dig a little deeper to Handle this program. We have an approach and a game plan to get more out of ourselves and this squat program. This program demands your attention and really forces us to be present and active in our pursuit into self improvent. Next up behind the neck jerks from the rack. Work up to a single and do doubles all the way down for 4 or 5 sets, this is after you max out for the day.

Our finisher this week will be Double kb snatches 5x, 2 weighted pull ups, 30 reverse big wheels, 50 double unders.
Work hard and look for challenges or the wrong challenges will come and get you.
I’m off to go see Kelly Starrett and his mobility workshop which will be great. The super nice Mark Bell of Supertraining invited me to go, which I’m very thankful for. Thanks Mark Bell for helping our gym get better and our peeps too.