The training dilemma? What to train for and staying on track

This is a dilemma that seems to come up a few times a year when the yearly throw down in Feb. And the march tactical strength challenge are fast approaching. While getting members of the gym members ready. We have 6 weeks for the sac town throw down. So now it’s time to learn new skills and practice becoming better at the ones we have just learned. The skills that will be learned the next 6 weeks are muscle ups, pull ups in every style, handstand push ups, kipping toes to bar, rope climbs. We’ve passed out homework assignments and now it gets tougher because now everyone must add in two or 3 extra workouts of practice fir the next 6 weeks and then put it all together for the February. Staying focused will be the key to a good showing in the competition. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress we make. If you don’t have any goals then make a list of 20 things you might want to do. Do this assignment everyday until it becomes clear on what you actually want to make happen. Once you pick send me a message and let me know how I can help you with your goals. Thanks again for reading strength sessions.