The POWER in Believing in Yourself to continue the JOURNEY.


Welcome back to Strength Sessions it’s time to write with maximum effort and there is no wrong way if we give our best CONTINUOUS effort. What I mean by that is sometimes we eventually do things better and more efficiently, when we “must” go full circle in our very own approach in order to remember what we have forgotten. On our quest to produce our  very best work of ART which is ourselves. WHEN WE BELIEVE!!! Then we contain all the power needed to sustain our efforts and REACH our DREAMS= PRAISE GOD!!!! FAITH=COURAGE to keep going at it.  The photo above is from my first meet this year about a month ago.  I opened up with 97 kg snatch on my first attempt, 100kg on the second and just missed 103kg solid miss, all my lifts were smooth and effortless.  The 103kg miss  taught me to finish my lift before celebrating on the inside. You know when you make a lift from the bottom position but relax slightly or completely finish the lift. Clean and jerks went awesome with 133 kg. opener which is a routine except when i missed it in december and I will get back to that lift. My next clean and jerk was 136kg/299lbs. and finished with a training make at 139kg/305lbs. they called me on a slight press out. To me it was a confidence booster BOTH psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve BEEN  building momentum from the beginning of this year. I prayed more and refocused on the process of each lift during practice, with an emphasis on keeping the bar straighter from the ground and MAXIMIZING LEG DRIVE, this meant making adjustments on every lift and until finding the sweet spot= longer work outs. I also let go trying hit specific numbers.  Every position mattered and every thought before, during and after training developed my MIND to be ICE COLD for every lift. No excitement or getting super fired up. I just focused on moving the bar upward and overhead the best that I can every time at practice or using visualization to make corrections or taking extra reps when not on the platform. I also asked God to help me, which is a first for asking for  his help with lifts. I just got to the point of letting go. I know that with hard work we can all reach our GOALS AND DREAMS, but this year I asked for GOD’S  help with lifting bigger weights and he answered through me with lifting heavier weights at practice and consistently for weeks on end. As I write this I’m just now starting my deload week. Which allows for the body to recover and start the build up again.. The week after the Occam Athletics meet, Paul Doherty was hosting a HASSLE – FREE meet at Whitney High School. It was a high school meet with an Open session at the end. I was on the fence on whether or not I would compete right up until I had get up and take that thirty minute drive to Rocklin CA. I decided to do the meet, I didn’t feel good or bad until I started warming up and my FOCUS was on point= TALKING TO GOD AND JUST TRUSTING= I MAINTAINED AN OPEN MIND TO AMAZING LIFTS. I finished the meet with a PR competition total of 244kg= 104kg snatch which is 99% of my best snatch ever which was about 6 years ago and PR clean and jerk at 140kg and a PR clean at 143kg/315lbs. I never gave up and God blessed me with big weights.   My last meet in December of 2016  I bombed out on clean jerks with 133kg  and snatches were just ok.  The bomb out never hurt me. I literally couldn’t find my pushing off position for the clean. I was strong but my mind relied too heavily on what I was supposed to hit and what I worked for. I now look back the at december meet and now KNOW what it really means to be focused and totally absorbed in the PROCESS of just doing the best that I can and RELYING on GOD for his STRENGTH TO BE COURAGEOUS TO PULL UNDER A PR ATTEMPT WITH NO DOUBTS AND A CLEAR MIND TO TRUST GOD 100%.  Never ever give up!!! you can do it!! just BELIEVE YOU CAN.