Strong Friday

Well Friday was squat day. It’s a day to build up leg strength pure and simple. Now you can just squat and be ok, but what about strong legs that withstand the rigors of exercise competitions and the snatch and clean and jerk. I’m talking about dominant leg strength that allows you to squat and pull very heavy weights consistently. The strongest I’ve ever been, has happened because of super heavy box squats and crazy heavy pulling work. These movements must be done at least once a week to allow for adaption to occur and restoritive methods such as sleep, nutrition, ice baths, Mobility work and yes mental fitness such keeping your mind focused on positives and having or creating a great imagination for the goals you want achieve. I got the imagination part from Mark Bell who advocates leaving something in the tank when training with heavy weights. This means finish your focused lifts with the feeling that you can do more. This will help you create the feeling of I can do which you can, but just save it for the next workout session so you can keep getting stronger.

So now back to squats. This squat workout, I was fortunate to have Chad Augustin and Charlie Zamora to work with. We started with 10,8,6,4,2, in reps This was a long warm up, but I feel this helps tighten up the body and gets your mind right for some really heavy doubles and maybe a single. The we used was a modified cambered bar. It weighs about 80lbs. We worked up in weight at from here 170×10,

220×8, 260×6, 310×4, 330×2, 350×2, 370×2, 390×2, 410×2, Charlie and I finished at 510lbs for a single and then did some drop sets. Chad hit 550lbs and looked strong doing it! And yes we had some great spotters from Midtown Barbell help us out. The feeling of heavy weight

On my back was great, my body needs that kind of overload. The last few months I feel as if I’ve been under loading, which means I was only handling snatch and clean&jerk weight, but yes I was doing squats but not with 500lbs. On my back. Overloading has worked in the past, so I will experiment some more to find that happy medium of adding more strength and power to my body.

The next part of the workout came from It’s Max Mormont’s website. It’s a great resource for programing. I modified it to fit our needs. We finished with RDL’s 3 reps then 3 30 inch box jumps then on to fast and hard form running skips for 22 yards. We did 7 rounds while adding weight to the bar each set and adding a rep to both the box jump and RDL. Well this post was quite long. So now it’ time eat. Thanks for reading.