The difference between being the best all the time and just a few moments here and there sprinkled in on occasion.

We (Midtown Barbell) just competed in the Tommy Kono Memorial this last weekend, it was one of my very first meets competing when I first started in 2010. Since then a lot has changed. Today  I’m a better lifter by just staying with the sport long enough to understand not only how teach the mechanics of the snatch, clean and jerk but to actually teach people how to progress at them.  I learned patience and how to just enjoy the shear challenge of training the imagination  and building up the self confidence needed to lift progressively heavier weights. As our technique and mobility  improve over time with consistent practice the weights will go up!!!!

This meet was a training meet for most of our team. It was a first for Jared Williams who went 6 for 6 and was bitten by the iron bug.   I did this meet to hit some heavy weights and to keep me honest in training. Working  hard enough to still  be able to compete and come close to matching PR weights. The results mean my training is consistent and solid,  but I now have more information on how I’m going to approach the next three months of training.  Which is why I strongly suggest doing a couple of competitions throughout the year,regain focus and apply the extra intensity needed to secure awesome workouts.  I missed my first two snatches by not being aggressive on my finish, the  previous weeks I have been working on finding strength (smooth strong tempo) when pushing the bar through the middle position which to is to me, mid-shin  to the hip and the finish is from hip to aggressively receiving the bar. On my last lift I decided  to go two kilo jump this solidified my God given belief in God which allows me to have  confidence in making my last attempt. I did the same in the clean jerks I hit my opener but was called on hitting knee with my elbow, I over pulled and crashed abit on me.  Today’s competition represented to me my trust in God. To just focus on moving the bar properly without panic and hesitation, allowing  myself to make my clean jerks with 100% BELIEF  that just getting the bar into the right positions upward and removing all doubts. Doubts or fear would take me out of that split second of belief of when God would make these for me and he did, because he was all I had at the time.  I miss-timed my warm ups and went from 125kg (276) to 135kg (296)  which I took on the platform and made it but it didn’t count.  It is a training meet and a huge confidence builder for my next meet. I  learned to trust my ability and to still perform when the confidence is within; but It’s me not giving myself an out to not do well. I was not allowing myself any reason or story on way I couldn’t make my lifts.

I practice hard everyday and I give 100% of what I have that day. I’m a different person today vs 2010.  I don’t allow others to create my life. Today I’m able to follow through with all my actions.  Today I’m proud to say that I’m willing to do what it takes to reach my goals and also help others reach their goals. My last attempt on the clean and jerk solidified that fact that we are all unstoppable and are capable of achieving greatness with persistence, dedication,desire,fearlessness, courage,determination, commitment,focus. We all have the power to overcome our self-limiting beliefs that we can practice over turning by practicing new thought habits. Let’s focus on who we want to become or how can we improve, once we do that on an all the time basis our lives will change and we can do more, give back more and become more fulfilled.