Motivation is the reason we do what we do, why we do it, the desire and willingness to do something. Courage is the ability to do what we are afraid of. I constantly play videos like this when I’m coaching or when I am training. I am enjoying that I am able to put myself in new situations and challenging experiences. I’m enjoying being uncomfortable, as these videos are helping me examine myself. Am I doing better today? Am I pushing myself hard enough to grow? If I am not doing that on a continuous basis, I will not be able to challenge my clients and athletes and I will not be able to challenge my business. If I am not leading myself, I can’t lead others. I will push myself as hard as I can to accomplish my goals. Setting goals will put me in tune with the people I am helping.

What I am doing now is continually studying to understand the processes of running the best gym possible and helping coaches and clients become successful inside and outside the gym. This means learning new skills while maintaining my core values, which are working hard and self-belief. Writing books or using many opportunities now on the Internet. The Internet has changed the strength and conditioning business and the world of health and fitness. There are opportunities to blog, create ebooks, and create an online presence while maintaining these goals.

It is so easy to relax into old patterns and habits, whether good or bad. It is easy to train all day, to work out all day. It takes more to stay there than to get there, and in order to stay on top, we have to demand more of ourselves. Do we want to just settle and be comfortable, or do we want to raise the bar? As for me, am I asking the right questions? In doing so and asking tough questions, I am holding myself accountable, making sure I’m spending time developing myself and that these goals come into fruition. In addition, I ask questions of my clients’ goals so they can be accountable and reach their goals. Success can be defined individually. Ultimately, success means being happy, and for me, this means continuous determination and growth. Health and fitness can be the cornerstone of this. As we get more fit, we can be stronger not only in the gym, but also in our daily lives. By achieving our fitness goals, we can gain the strength and motivation needed to achieve our other goals.

It takes courage to know and have faith in what we are doing. It starts with a plan and taking action. Anything new worth doing is going to take a powerful belief in ourselves to take that first step toward achieving goals or changing our lives. Self-belief is the most powerful idea we can have, the belief in ourselves that we can accomplish anything and be anything we want. Our goals start from within. Creating a vision of ourselves.