Emotional eating : can kill your progress and zap your Energy and Enthusiasm. Getting off the Sugar!!!!

Emotional eating triggered by the Holidays and yes Hard Work. Or this is what I sold myself into. I sold myself that it was okay to enjoy the holidays and all the achievements, milestones, birthdays, business growth, new marriage, I train hard, I deserve it, It’s okay just for tonight.  These are very strong excuses that I had to stop using and here is “WHY”

I love sugar and chocolate and carbohydrates, but when it comes down to it, Sugar is my go to when EMOTIONAL EATING.  I was debating on whether or not to write this blog post on my current state of this specific habit. The above excuses can only last so long and because I earned them doesn’t feel good inside anymore and working out or my training has been tougher physically, recovery between sets and my conditioning has been sluggish. Yeah I can just power through it because I know I can get my mind into the state that is needed to train hard. At the same time, I also know How Powerful I feel that comes with an AWESOME MEAL PLAN, which = great progress in both mind, body and spirit. No being limited because of last nights desert and yes taking in more than one serving. I don’t do just one serving.

Training so hard and working so hard that going to sugar to find some sort of short term comfort. Going to Big burst of sugar at night signals to me that I need more water and I have been skimping on my meal preparation. Sugar also slows down my attitude, the way I move, my strength, my conditioning and my recovery between workouts. Then me at rest becomes uncomfortable because my body is laboring more that it should be for everyday life. At rest meaning not training, usually feels refreshed and energized. But now slow and sluggishness start to creep in and my clothes start to tighten around me. My source of enjoyment deserts and high calorie foods aren’t tasting as good as they should anymore. I’m not receiving any relaxation out of my guilty pleasure. Especially knowing that at some point when working a diet based on a lot of  night time snacks destroys muscle and recovery between workouts. It’s that simple, the pain of having to struggle through my workouts and getting out of shape fast is just too too much now. All the while I have not missed any workouts that were not planned in 3 + years almost coming up on 4 years to be exact. Psychologically it was becoming harder and harder knowing that I know what to do to fix my diet, but I just had get in real pain and my threshold isn’t that high to allow this habit to grow any further. How much pain do we have to acknowledge before addressing issues that we knowingly allow to  hurt us or just take away from our quality of life. Training hard enough to get results in the sport of weightlifting is painful enough to put myself through day in and day out. It does help me become a better coach but also training hard enough to know when my evening snacks are no longer befitting me. The last two days have been a sugar detox because enough is enough and now it’s time to change up my eating habits to feel better about myself and my self discipline. We all know what to do to eat healthy but what does it take to start implementing the changes needed to get more out of life. Now it’s time to step up and make the changes happen and make them happen everyday. It’s time to rebuild my confidence in the kitchen and rePower up my mind, body and spirit to perform my best.  Thank you all for letting me share my journey with you all. Remember all the details add up either positively or negatively. Ultimately we have the power to Change OUR MINDS, BODIES and HABITS. FYI I snacked on this cake for a few days, I don’t keep sweets at the house, because if it’s there I will snack.