determination, Desire, Discipline, Courage, Perseverance, Commitment, Success

Hello StrengthSessions, it’s been a couple  of weeks since I last wrote. Today I wanted to type out these very powerful words Determination, Desire, Discipline, Courage, Perseverance, Commitment, Success.  Every time I say these words to myself I create a feeling. It’s a positive feeling, and Super Powerful. Life is about what we feel.  It’s our compass into our passions and drive to be better at something. Everyone views their personal  success as something different, whether it be in fitness, business, family or relationships.  Our vocabulary shapes our  life wether we realize it or not. The words we use on the daily create our experiences and how we feel out any  situation. I learned this from Tony Robbins,  he said the bigger our vocabulary,  the better we can describe our lives, situations and performances.  This also holds true for the words we hold tight inside our heads.  The words we use internally pour into our worlds. Yes that’s right. Our bodies also absorb these words positive or negative and overtime we are the result of our  own vocabulary. Seems simple, but its true and today I’m going to challenge us all by picking out  five positive words and using them when we train,  workout, mowing  the lawn or taking a walk. Repeat the the five positive words for an entire hour or longer, remember pick out time that works for you and make a commitment to do it. I’m working with several athletes and clients with this technique. I use this technique daily when in training or in every day life when I need and want a positive outcome.  jUST like everything Strength starts from the inside out.  When we first walked into a gym or lifted for the first tim, That  took courage to start to work on ourselves. To develop a new skill and to admit that i need help and want to become better.  Each repetition we take on the platform or in life we get better no matter what.  It might take 30 or 100 bad reps in order to make  that one great lift as an initial break through for a personal record or to gain a better understanding of ourselves. How we move our bodies is a direct reflection on how we are currently living our lives.  Kinda interesting.

Here’s a sample training,  be positive because anything negative said to the mind and body will slow down my movement of the bar.  I’ve been using words or phrases like I’m getting better, I work hard, i deserve this lift, I trust god and I trust myself.  I Believe myself.  I also imagine myself as Tommy Kono and I imagine myself as a machine that is built to move a barbell smooth and efficiently. This takes my mind away from the weight of the bar and helps me focus on the positions my body has to get into to make my lifts.  I’ve also been allowing myself to have fun, with less focus on the outcome and more focus on the process of just lifting weights, because I enjoy lifting. I don’t rely on lifting big numbers to make me into somebody I”m not.  I lift because it challenges me to get better inside the gym and outside of the gym.  Have a great week every one and KEEP WORKING HARD AND BELIEVING IN YOURSELVES.   We are all capable of being great, sometimes its as simple as taking that first step into the unknown.  The ability to see yourself or visualize yourself as successful in your goals will help  you believe that anything is possible when you have faith in god  or create that faith in yourself with HARD WORK AND DEDICATION.  Either way you go about success can be ours.