growth and a sense of urgency

IMG_2455Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the weekend.  I’m writing this edition of Strength Sessions at the Fitness Business Summit 2016 and it’s a four  day intensive series of speakers that have worked for massive success  in their lives and are now able to teach it and show others how to be successful in and out of the gym.   For many of Us fitness professionals success is  about helping people change their lives for the better. Without health we have no life,  fitness is the key component for a healthy and fulfilling life.  I’ve been working on myself both personally and professionally, and believe me I’ve definitely  changed in order to live a longer life, but I also want to live a happy life. The one thing my grandfather passed on to me was his positive mindset that  We can change the world.  I’ve learned to live sober and it’s been almost three years.  I’ve been battling with addiction throughout my life.   Addiction or substance abuse was not what I had planned for my life, but what is the saying, “we don’t know , what we don’t know, until we know”. It’s also the first time I’ve written about it here on strength sessions,  but I do touch upon addiction on my podcast Strength Sessions which is on iTunes. Go ahead and give it a listen.  Let’s get back to my main idea or story I’m presenting, which is personal growth, which to means working or developing a goal with time that we have on earth. It’s working on things that will give us  a sense fulfillment. For me working on something means going 100% and yes it means sacrifice of time and sometime relationships, in order to reach goals that give our lives a road map so to speak.  Tony Robbins said that there are  6 human needs to live a happy life, 1. a sense of certainty 2. variety  3. significance 4. contribution.  5. connection 6. growth.   We all need to grow in order be fulfilled.  For me it’s  goal setting and moving forward.  A good friend of mine asked me how  I spell love, me  L O V E, and my friend David said no it’s not.  Love is spelled TIME.  that hit me hard, because I now know what I give love to, and you guessed it,  Time at the gym, time helping others.  That flipped my perspective.  Midtown is my heart and it has allowed me to help thousands of people.  Midtown helped me get sober, My clients helped me get sober. My family helped me get sober. God helped me get sober.  I got help when I needed it just like the time  went to my first hitting instructor to learn how to hit left handed. Help is always around the corner when we want to grow and be challenged. This why I’m at the business summit, it’s to keep getting better. So I can help more people reach their dreams.  I also just want to challenge myself and keep myself uncomfortable . It helps me become a better coach and better business person. I  also wanted to write about sobriety so that I can help others  know that people do  get sober and can stay sober. It’s deadly disease.  It all goes back to coaching and being around the right people at the right time. Urgency to me now means take massive action towards what I  love and what I  want to accomplish.  Yes I’ll throw in a Jerry Weinstein coaching cue,  he always said play with a sense of  URGENCY, it made sense back in 1988 when I first heard this but it makes even more sense now.