reflecting on my goals and what needs to be done to help others,  on a daily basis requires structure and focus. Enjoying the process of these tasks, is what makes programs, companies, athletes, students, parents or any role we take on and we take on many roles in life, whether we realize them or not. As sit and write this my focus is to improve the snatch and clean and jerk.  It’s a passion of mine and I just live to lift. To make quality gains or make any improvements in the lifts, my daily routine has to be strong.  It’s starts before I go to bed each night. I like to visualize or imagine how I want my day to go. So I clear my mind so that I can visualize my classes and the people I train making their lifts or learning new positions that allow for better movement or learning the ability to push themselves out of their comfort  zone. I visualize myself making pr weights and pushing myself through a grueling workout.  The more we want something the harder we must work to attain it.  I truly want to hit new pr’s and I definitely put lots of hard work in and have built a strong foundation for improving my lifts but now it’s time to dig deeper and really make myself believe that I deserve it. That’s what  makes the greats, Great. That unquantifiable and undeniable Belief that the outcome or result will favor you, me or anyone else that pushes themselves to the limit. The desire and belief in oneself to go after goals and a life that we make.  Ok, ok enough of that, but really that’s where I live, I live to push and move forward. I like to take action towards goals that make us change for the better.  I love to improve but sometimes improvements come slow and sometimes our changes happen so gradually that we have moved on to the next step of improving. I guess we can say lifestyle or life structure and maybe even a change in our thought process, a whole new paradigm.  Let’s get back to the daily stuff now, my sleep is very intricate and must be at 8 hours on consistent basis. No ifs ands or buts. Good food must be of quality proteins, fats, carbohydrates and lots of  water to keep the body at appropriate temperature for training abs keeping water levels healthy for digestion and daily bodily functions.  Mental stress must be addressed too, keeping and maintaining a peaceful and healthy life outside the gym is very important  . The stress of living can at times weaken us in the gym, once we recognize a reoccurring negative thought, it than should be addressed in a healthy way. All stress releases cortisol which is a hormone  that is produce in fight if flight situations, it’s causes the body to elevate blood pressure, it releases testosterone, it releases glycogen into the blood stream and cause muscular tension. So if our bodies go into this mode daily weekly and yearly, there will be some type of body deterioration. So I guess addressing the negative would be a good thing for health and a higher quality of life. Let’s create a list of goals and a list of what we are doing right and also things that we can do better for our training and daily living  and look at the results do that we can make the appropriate adjustments to create better US.

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