We can’t change the fundamentals but the Fundamentals can change us


There are fundamentals in every aspect of life and that is great because when we need to get something done there will always be a starting point and at any point we always go back to the fundamentals. We can start with strength training which anyone and everyone can reap benefits from incorporating into your training or fitness life, all it takes is selecting the best movements that will get you stronger fast in linear progression if you are a newbie to strength training. If you are veteran of the strength world, you still have to lift and train hard to keep strength and to increase it. The newbie has to train consistently and moderately to build their foundation. The foundation is learning how to move their own bodyweight and to address any mobility issues or monitor old injuries.  The next fundamental is to learn master the technique or skill of the strength movement we select. As we get stronger our muscle and become more tense which is a good thing if we are strengthening the right muscles for the movement we are using. Sometimes people use the wrong muscles when lifting. That’s when we need to make sure sure we can position ourselves into the most optimal stance or position so that we lift safely and are in the strongest position that our bodies allow. Learning how feel which muscles are activated helps give us feed back on if we are moving the weight correctly and this can take time for the beginner which can take practice and many reps to retrain the muscles to fire correctly and in sequence. The same goes for the veteran lifter as they master their lifts they must also slightly change they technique so they can get into better positions of leverage so they can continue making progress.  All this  training and practice takes time. Time dedicated to learning how your body responds but also what you need to do to get better at anything which is to start practicing now matter and in order to keep getting you must stretch, foam roll, get enough sleep for you, establish quality eating habits and continually motivate yourself to train enough to make gains and just under the threshold of injury. Then if we keep on going, we start to develop  confidence, courage, commitment, focus, integrity, perseverance. These habits are the same for the beginner and the elite. It all just depends on how much of your life do you want give to improving any aspect of your life.  Everyday is an opportunity to improve at the fundamentals. 

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