starting over is a process in the gym and in life



Life is series of continuous changes whether we like or not and whether it’s positive or negative. We either change for the better or we stay back into the  comfort of where we currently are. We make a descion everyday to make improvements or just move forward with what must be done. In order to move forward with anything productive in the gym or life (we most likely will be doing the things we don’t want to do) but once we train our habits! than our habits  have the POWER to create our destination and have the ability to PROPEL us forward into progress. Starting up this blog post is something I like to do when it’s a habit, currently it is not but I made a decision to back and took action right away. I don’t like when I feel I have to entertain or just make stuff to continue to post a blog on a weekly basis. Then while coaching, I notice that I have moments  each day  that can be a great blog post. That coaching moment can help someone make an adjustment for the better.  So i just stop second guessing myself because I became a lazy writer and I now know I trained myself to stop writing. So for the next thirty days I will share my insight into my life as a man of GOD, a husband, father, coach and business owner.  I hope share ways to help you move forward in life and in the gym. Life is a lot more fulfilling when grow forward and become more and that can be different for everyone. One of the mottos at the gym is “Work hard and Believe in Yourself”  today I feel different about that statement because now I feel that when you work hard for something you can’t see yet takes COURAGE = FAITH & TRUST,  It’s a knowing and BELIEVING that all that time MASTERING a CRAFT will show up one day.  The most important thing to have is THE COURAGE TO BELIEVE THAT EVERYDAY COUNTS TOWARD GETTING CLOSER TO BECOMING JUST A LITTLE BETTER EACH DAY.  Without Courage people and athletes will not go far into becoming or accomplishing what usually takes years or a lifetime to reach.

I train competitive baseball players, weightlifters and former high level athletes that want to be pushed and coached to the next level. It does take a certain person to continually attack weaknesses on the daily.  I always let them know they can be great but they must have they COURAGE to do the work necessary and for a long period of time and TRUST the process into becoming the best that they can be. So we have stop comparing ourselves because we all bring something different to the field, platform or life. and Yeah I will take out the former high level athletes from this conversation because they mostly want to push themselves physically without creating injury but they have already PUSHED THIER MINDSET.  Stay focused and know we are always changing and growing old or growing up

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