The importance for kids to lift weights consistently all year around. This a takes a special kind of kid that wants to live out his DREAM right in front of everyone.

I am super passionate to share today’s blog on youth development. Too many times I have been asked to train or help an athlete at the parents request. ALMOST never have the kids came in on their own and said I want to be the best and what do I have to do train with you or your coaches. That is passion and that is a person with an unstoppable MINDSET.

Kids that put everything they have on the line which is pretty much just ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM and HARD WORK. I learned from an early age that hard work has value and that you can get, have, be or accomplish anything you want in LIFE as long as you are READY to pay the price to BE the BEST.

In the video above SACRAMENTO CITY COLLEGE BASEBALL PITCHING COACH Deskaheh Bomberry who grew playing baseball in the Valley high area of Sacramento, which like all neighborhoods has it’s good side and bad side. Coach Bomber knows hard work. He played at Valley High School in the late eighties and early nineties. He went onto play at Kennedy-Valley American Legion Baseball, when Legion ball was where the best of the best in Sacramento and the outside areas came to play every weekend. Yes the best of the best. when it was about all the right things about baseball and competition. It was a summer league that was from age 15 to age 19, this meant a talented young ball player could actually get better in a super competitive environment. This was when a player would get cut from a team and then that same player worked his ass off for another whole year making IMPROVEMENTS in his game and try out again. I seen this happen in my four years at POST 61,I played with some SUPER AWESOME baseball players  through out my career with POST 61. I didn’t start my freshman year at POST 61 and that made me better. I was able to IMPROVE my game by just watching, learning and being around the best. I witnessed some great performances that ELEVATED my MINDSET onto what I could become.

I get fired up thinking about baseball because it is the most difficult sport ever!!!! Day in and day out I did not every think about not playing with the best. My dream kept me in a state of Enthusiasm and positive energy. Just knowing that your goal or dream will happen is what CONFIDENCE is all about. Every waking day is building up the skills necessary to play ball at a high level. It is about building your CONFIDENCE everyday no matter what. Now that is FOCUS and a LOVE for the Entire game. The entire GAME meaning working hard on and off the field with extra hitting, extra ground balls, lifting weights, visualizing, reading and watching and listening to every detail on  what every coach helps you with. Improvement is a life long MISSION. All this may seem hard but I ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF PLAYING BASEBALL. I LOVED THE PROCESS OF BEING A BALL PLAYER ALL TIME. That is the difference maker from being average to being AWESOME and walking with a CONFIDENCE that only baseball players can wear and yes they smell of CONFIDENCE.

Coach BOMBER played at Consumnes River College under Coach Rod Bilby and then onto Sonama State. After graduating Bomber coached at Eastern Kentucky University under Head coach Gary Ward then coming back to Sacramento to help Head Coach Andy Mc Kay WIN  a state Championship back in 1999.

Bomber has been a coach at Sac City for 18 season’s has has helped 49 pitchers develop their pitching skills transfer to division 1 universities, 17 have signed professional contracts and 4 have reached the Major Leagues.

Coach Bomber knows and understands the work that is needed both psychologically and physically year and year out to tap into a pitchers potentials. Thank you Bomber sharing you knowledge on how to prepare to AWESOME baseball, to be the best it all starts with a high level of self awareness to work hard enough and long enough to chip away at a diamond in the rough. In life or on the field it’s about how ling can you stay focused on what you want of life and are you willing step up and challenge your old belief systems and live out your DREAMS and GOALS out loud.


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