Completing a big snatch or clean and jerk takes letting it all go and just diving right in for that split millisecond that it takes to finish a snatch, pull under a clean or finish a jerk,  with what some call reckless abandon or I call FAITH = COURAGE.

Approaching the bar with a mindset that will not back down and going into high level of knowing and not knowing. The fact remains that in order to make a big lift is to completely get focus in on each position and never once allowing the mind to turn grey.

Weightlifting is 100% Faith and Courage to pull under explosively and athletically with Precise timing of each position. It having unparrelled CONFIDENCE or FAITH for that 000.001 time it takes take complete the lift.

Confidence is built over time with hard and steady practice on the fundamentals and the increase of strengthening the body that comes will lifting weights day in and day out. Working so hard that you built up your belief in yourself to not only visualizing bigger weights to be lofted over hard but also Gaining a belief that YOU deserve it, is a very powerful stimulant in lifting big time weights. We all get what we put into our training goals and programs. The better we eat, The better we sleep/recovery, the better we mobilize/stretch, The better internal dialogue on WHY we will lift big weights, all feeds our FAITH in ourselves and when we believe in ourselves WE BELIEVE IN GOD for the strength that will take us to VICTORY over OURSELVES. The more we can master The ART of COMPOSURE is our ability to overcome anything in life.

Tommy Kono always taught about mind power and developing the ability to just focusing on each position of the snatch and clean and jerk. It is becoming ice cold and not letting the heavy weights enter into our minds. It’s about fighting for the positions as we pull or squeeze the bar from the floor and elevate it each position as straight as possible. Our MINDS will want to cave into thoughts about the how heavy the weights are. If this happens our bodies can feel our thoughts and this is was causes faulty technique such as over pulling or letting the bar get away from us or we don’t dive under the bar knowing that we desire and deserve to make this lift. Our minds must be clear throughout the lift unless it is just one empowering thought that makes us even more stronger and powerful.Tommy Kono thought of his body as a piston which his body responded to by becoming machine like and UNSTOPPABLE.

Yelling or screaming during a lift helps CLEAR the mind long enough to avoid any limiting thought that might pop up. Remember STRONG THOUGHTS help us ABSOLUTELY. Practice clearing your mind by deep breathing and trusting your positions in the snatch and clean and jerk. This takes lots of practice but once mastered you will approach the bar with the same MINDSET as to just fight for each position and have FAITH and COURAGE to make big lifts.

The video clip is of me a few years ago at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Just look at my body language and composure APPROACHING the bar and moving it as if it was 50% of my max. Strong thoughts, Strong faith and COURAGE and STRENGTH from GOD.

Our mindsets are usually the limiting factor in any big lift attempt. Our bodies also might trick us into feel less than ENERGETIC and ENTHUSIASTIC about making a Personal Best lift. When going big and our bodies aren’t feeling 100% it’s either time to put the bar down or It is OUR time to dig deep psychologically  and go for it. Only God and US will ever KNOW if we are giving our best effort. Sometimes you just go for it and yes it is good to know your body and energy levels and knowing if you are putting yourself in a bad position or you are ready to challenge yourself. So now you can practice Clarity of mind, Composure of the body and a focus on getting the bar in the right positions to keep you focused on staying with an IRONMIND.





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