30 day blog Challenge completed: It is a Confidence builder and Creates New Momentum for further progress in other areas of life.

0111170909a-1The 30 day blog challenge is over and I feel like it has created jump start into me becoming a better writer and thought leader. Writing has been very challenging for me through out life and then one day I just said I’m going to just do the best I can from where I’m at. Once I said that to myself then that freed me from using the excuse as I’m not good enough. Starting up anything new will be a challenge and there is fun that, Learning to let go of old self restricting thoughts kept me from writing on a regular basis. I would write for a few months at a time then I would get distracted or I would go to my comfortable/uncomfortable place and that is for me training the snatch and clean jerk.

The 30 day bolt post challenge made me create time everyday to sit down and share thoughts and Ideas that we all face here in this world. Sharing my knowledge and experience is a big step for me, not with the information but with communicating it through writing and being clear enough so that you can read this and have a better understanding of how to become the best you ever. Sharing how I have used goal setting to keep making progress and to enjoy life better. I love to challenge myself and I have come to love to write and share my experiences  and knowledge of training, nutrition, mobility, work ethic, staying focused and living my dreams out loud right in front of everyone. I also have a strong “WHY” This blog will be up long after I pass on to my next life in heaven. So my “WHY” is, I treat every blog post as if my son or daughter were going to read this and apply the SUCCESS principals that I have used in my life. So I created a strong”WHY” that is what got me through everyday that I felt like not writing or feeling like someone somewhere has already written about this. I have learned now through this process is that I have a unique writing style, I never would have thought that, I would one day have a writing style. I think that is AWESOME!!!! I now have a writing voice that was developed over 6 years with this blog.  This is my first year where I’m now dedicating time everyday to posting up great training info and  life. Thank you all for sharing in my small but powerful steps forward into writing career. I have learned to love writing which used to scare me now I feel I another platform to help people improve their training and their lives .


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