Knowing the difference of doing your best EVERYDAY and just flat out sucking with Excuses. Once you accomplish a few goals or make real changes, YOU then build SELF-CONFIDENCE that creates MOMENTUM to CONTINUE to take ACTION. We first must a make a conscious decision to IMPROVE.

Training with people that believe in you and help push you to get you through the hard days. This video clip of Pastor Joe Walters and myself was recorded this last summer. Yes I train by myself  but not by choice. I love to train with a team or a friend that will push me. Sometimes easy weights feel heavy and we do have to be reminded sometimes to refocus and gather that AWESOME STRENGTH that GOD provides US.  I also share about being a RECOVERED ALCOHOLIC, it has taken me some time about being open with my personal struggles that I battled by myself. I have friends and family that love me and will always be there to support me and help me when I need them. The disease of alcoholism is so powerful that it kept me away from the people I love and my goals and dreams. I also have a new relationship with God and now I turn to him for the strength needed to be AWESOME. I no longer use excuses on why I can’t do this or I can’t do that. Those two words are dangerous because it imprints into the mind so deeply. I have relearned that ALL GOALS and DREAMS are possible with God’s help. I have had many successes and accomplishments throughout life and while in active alcoholism could not complete any goals or dreams, I would self sabotage   REGULARLY and I would keep believing my excuses. I would create false obstacles and that would keep in the life threatening disease of alcoholism, I also didn’t understand the disease. Growing up and developing my baseball skills with the help of family,coaches,teachers and friends. I could have used quite a few excuses on why I couldn’t succeed, but that didn’t happen. I focused on how much better I could be if I practiced, watched, studied and immersed myself in the game of baseball. I also never used where I grew up or the color of my skin as to why an obstacle would appear in my life. I just always focused on my “WHY” I loved baseball so much that it kept me always focusing on why I can improve be a great baseball player. I set goals on learning how to make improvements from year to year. I improved and that built unshakable CONFIDENCE WITHIN ME.  Dropping the excuses is a life changing EXPERIENCE AND A WAY OF LIFE. It changes our perceptions on what can be ACCOMPLISHED if we do stay focused and PERSEVERE.

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