Trust, Communication, Courage = Performance.

Developing trust in your coach with communication and a knowing that your coach will help you get the most out of your abilities. Trusting your coach enough to let go of what feels comfortable to rely on trust and faith.

My best friend Chad asked me to help him with  last weeks 17.3 workout which had in it lots of snatches from light to heavy. This would be Chad’s first test of strength that would require a full snatch position, which means get to the bottom of a snatch. This would definitely test his knee. It would test his trust in his body which he normally can push through any amount of pain, which makes him great at Crossfit. It has been a few years with  getting his knee back into full range of movement while in competition mode, where his scores matter. This is Chad’s first Crossfit open in about two years so everything is important in keeping his knee safe and healthy.

It felt good that he asked me to coach him for the snatches and help him push through another grueling Crossfit workout that he loves to compete in. I also felt trusted and honored plus I was going to help him whether he asked or not. He trusted me to  give him the extra push and the right ques on technique and strategy with approaching heavy snatch work.

Chad’s strength is there and now he just needed to let go and be an athlete. He looked great in warm ups. My main que to Chad was to let go absolutely with COURAGE to drive under the bar just enough to turn the bar over for a catch. He did it and he trusted himself,  the cues I gave him and let his body just react.

I had trained with Chad through out his journey back from knee surgery and it was baby crawls, then limping, then walking, then sled dragging. All the way back to partials from the rack then into box squatting then onto full squats with light weight and now he is able to put some weight back on the bar and do full squats.

He trained entirely on powers but I knew that when the time came he would be ready! to be COURAGEOUS and  drive under the bar. He did and after years of hard work he is back to training at a very high level. TRUST, COMMUNICATION AND  COURAGE.

Knowing your athletes/clients will help build up the trust needed to open up the lines of communication is very important for any goal inside the gym and outside the gym. Having a client/athlete know that you have their very best interest and health in mind first and foremost comes before anything else, WITHOUT TRUST the Awesome results will not follow. It takes a belief in your client/athletes, that you know they will grow as a person and a do things they never thought possible but when someone believes in you all great things are possible.  After that first accomplishment is achieved then the Belief in oneself is BORN! .


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