Self Development it works: Just like anything in life, we become better at what we practice. Deliberate Practice produces better results. The more we keep investing Learning and growing the more ENRICHING LIFE becomes.


img_2457Self Development is awesome. When I was first introduced to Tony Robbins back in the eighties it was through an infomercial. To me he sounded kinda of funny at nine or eleven years old. Here was Tony Robbins up on stage yelling and screaming about techniques and strategies that help develop the mind and ourselves to be better.I didn’t understand that Tony Robbins is passionate about IMPROVEMENT AND BELIEVING in people. He  helps people all over the world  accomplish more and reach goals and dreams.

As I grew up playing baseball we would always encourage each other to perform on the field. We would use encouraging words that we hoped would give our teammate the confidence and courage to believe in themselves. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, for me I just always believed in people, If I could do so can everyone else. I didn’t realize just how the mind works by programing a set of beliefs that we can sometimes carry on into adulthood and yes -sometimes this belief system is positive and sometimes it may be limiting.  As an athlete we grow up cheering on our teammates and the people we care about.

For me it was/is a belief in being positive about about life in general, when moving around on the  baseball field which is  exercise-which produces endorphins = a feel good chemical. Present day-Even as I write this no one is patting my back cheering me on front he stands.. but my wife Maria does which is awesome.  The awesome power of positive words, listening to them and then thinking about them,conditions the mind to take action and tremendously helps build SELF CONFIDENCE.

Wanting to become the best baseball player I could be  has allowed me to become better by keeping an open mind on  always improving my skills and to CONTINUE listening, watching and applying new ways or strategies to FULFILL MY POTENTIAL. Willingness to change what works now so that I can perform at the highest level of baseball possible in five to ten years and make baseball a career. LEARNING AND GROWING helped me develop  the Courage and Confidence needed to PLAY my best at all levels.

Working with coaches that see your potential and know that a winning mindset can be  learned. When someone is open and willing to do what it takes to BE A WINNER then any and all goals can be achieved.  I learned what it takes to be a WINNER at Sacramento City College under the coaching of Jerry Weinstein and Paul Carmazzi they bothe demanded EXCELLENCE EVERYDAY and if if you didn’t work hard then you just didn’t believe in being the best. The first part of being a WINNER is believing you can do anything. It is MINDSET. You have to believe in order to persevere through all the tough workouts, practices and daily challenges that life brings. Winners are focused and leave no room for any excuses.

I was reintroduced to Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and Brian Tracy by my Gramps business associate back when I just started into personal training and strength and conditioning. My Gramps business partner had me write my first definite main purpose statement. I wrote down that in two years I would open a gym and help the best of the best get fit. Manual gave me a plan and  said that what I LISTEN TO, READ AND SPEAK ABOUT  EVERYDAY affects my mindset. He picked out some compact discs of Brian Tracy and said listen to these tapes everyday and they will train your subconscious mind to make improvements and learn new skills. I was shy and quiet when it came to meet potential new clients. I was always nervous about approaching people about making an appointment with  for a fitness workout. I set a goal to make ten one on one appointments each week to help me build my business. I forced myself to do this and I grew my CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM 1000% I trained so many people in that two years my communication skills exploded and I learned how to develop awesome workouts and become awesome at teaching  people how to move better and helped them enjoy working out. I also started applying Brian Tracey’s program of building SELF ESTEEM. Brian Tracy taught me that the more I like myself the more I will be able to want to help others accomplish more of what they want out of life. This dramatically changed my life because I had just stopped playing baseball and now was looking for something else I would dedicate my life to. I now know that I love to help people enjoy a happier and healthier life. So every morning I would repeat “I LIKE MYSELF” “I LIKE MYSELF” I recited this 100 times, first thing in the morning everyday for two years. I currently recite my definite main purpose statement five times every morning and while driving repeat it as many times possible during the drive. I also recite the SELF CONFIDENCE FORMULA BY NAPOLEON HILL writer of THINK and GROW RICH as much as possible throughout the day. My goal is to recite them at least 15 times per day. It works and that’s why I share what I share.

Personal Development works if we choose to have COURAGE and faith that it will work. I continue to train my mind everyday. The more I grow the more the people also GROW as a side effect. Give it a try if you want to see what you are capable of. I feel like I’m just  starting to reach my potential and it’s fun and exciting to keep learning and growing. Everyday is an opportunity to improve, yes it is a way of life if you BELIEVE.


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