Goal setting, it is easy to a set a goal but can be difficult if you don’t have a plan of action. Finding your goal or dream worth the time, effort and perseverance needed to achieve what you want out of life.


Goal setting allows you to become focused, that is the bottom line. You can set up a small goal like going to the gym for eight workouts in the month of February. Now that is an example of a short term goal that is attainable for most. Now what makes this goal challenging is that we have two different people with the same goal. One of the persons that set this GOAL up is coming back from a major surgery and eight workouts is pushing the limit of his healing injury. So same goal but the level of difficulty will vary from individual to individual. All goals are personal and so are there motivating factors which can be anything, pretty much. What motivates one person will not work for another. So now you get an idea on a short term goal. Let’s take those two people who set up their goal to train eight times during the month of February. So they both complete all their workouts for the month with great results. One of subjects we will call Dan, the non post surgery goal setter and Steve who is coming back from major surgery. Dan now has Confidence to create a bigger both in the gym and outside the gym. This is called momentum which started from COMMITTING to just eight workouts. Dan now wants to add in a third training day and start working on his new business plan. Dan now has a spring board to build on or a game plan.  Once we achieve small goals we can then set bigger ones. The bigger the goal or dream the specific our plan will get with daily,weekly,monthly,quarterly and yearly goals to produce the bigger results. As we work on the big goals we inadvertently gain new skills or education because we must grow personally to become something we were not before, that right there is COURAGE to be different which means getting out of our comfort zones in order to achieve what is most important to us or these fictitious characters. Steve coming back from major knee surgery also ups his training days and is making great progress in his knee but he now learns that he might be cleared to play in his last season of Major League Baseball which will allow him to qualify for a pension from Major League Baseball. Two people same goal but for  different purposes. They both started with a plan which just eight workouts to start up in the gym. Now once they achieved their small Goal, they used their freshly earned CONFIDENCE to set bigger goals for themselves.

Step 1. create a compelling goal that you are passionate about and here is one way to find out your true goal, one that talks to your heart.

  1. Here is a simple step that will help you get clear about what you what out of life.
  2. write down 20 goals or dreams that you want to make happen. Do this everyday for seven days. Write down your 20 goals from the top of your head and don’t look at the previous days list.
  3. On the eighth day review your seven days worth of 20 goals and pick out the top 10 that keep reoccurring most on your top 20 goals list.
  4. once you have your top 10, create a list of that are screaming at you to take some action on.
  5. After becoming clear on your goals make a list of 5 action steps that will help you get to each of  your goals or dreams. No dream is to big.
  6. Take action steps that you have control over, which can be reading about the process or getting or contacting  a coach or mentor that has achieved what you want to do or be. Remember no step of action is too small or big.
  7. Keep your goals in visual sight morning -noon and night.
  8. The next step or Success habit is to train your mind on believing it can happen. Action builds Confidence and momentum. It also imprints on your subconscious mind the feeling of getting closer and becoming real. Now that is powerful in itself  because once  we start believing in our dreams and goals, it produces COURAGE to keep on taking that next ACTION step.
  9. Read your goals out loud every for minimum of 5 to 15 times per day with ENTHUSIASM and PASSION. This will train the sub conscious to get you to automatically take action on your goals and dreams even when you don’t feel like it. We are also learning and developing AWESOME SUCCESS CHARACTERISTICS to stay on course.

Now this last Goal setting process in achievement is to figure out you ‘WHY’S” why are your goals important and why are you going to change  old habits and belief systems. Your “WHY” will is the FUEL that will keep you focused day in and day out. Working on your goals will be challenging but it is very worth it. Write down 10 “WHY’S” and really figure what is inside you that really wants to accomplish awesome results. For me, my WHY’S are to build a legendary gym, to keep Midtown Strength and Conditioning up and running for at least 100 years, in China that’s how they plan their businesses, I want to take care of my family and share amazing experiences in life. I want to change the world, I want to be philanthropist, I want to be free, I want to travel the world with my wife Maria and our children, I want to be the best I can be everyday have God work through me to show that he is awesome and produces miracles in peoples lives if we let him.

Know your “WHY’S and you will persevere, remember you can do anything that you set your mind to.




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