Coaching, Communication and the relationship between client/athlete and coach that must be developed on trust and improvement of client/athlete.

Developing the trust of an athlete/client is easy, I put their goals first and foremost. I work hard on developing a  training template to build up the foundational movements of the barbell. So planning percentages and mixing the  variations of the barbell movements so the group can continually make improvements throughout the years. The one goal that we work on together is getting stronger. If an athlete wants to take a hands on approach to creating their own program then I make sure that I support them as much possible while allowing them to experiment with their minds and bodies. They select the movements that they feel will help them and I help them push themselves to the next level. I sometimes find myself questioning their selection of exercises  based on how I perceive they perform  from week to week. I also take into account the the previous month and how well they are recovering from each workout. Sometimes knowing too much about training limits a coach to push past current science about strength training and how to become stronger.  There are many ways to get stronger and they are all based on adaption of specific movements and training percentages. It also comes down just saying no to an client/athlete because the weights might not be safe at that particular moment in training. I have followed a specific program by several coaches and have modified because I like to push the limits. So I did more than what was prescribed. I’ve done this a lot to get in the reps and to learn more about weightlifting. I didn’t want to take suggestions that I might be working to hard and that my body is not adapting to the program because of all the extra work I put in. Well the extra work helped me build confidence and build consistent technique. Today I stay close to the program and now I  can do less reps  rather then more, and I feel a lot stronger because of it and my technique has improved greatly because my body is adapting and I’m not doing a ton of sets and reps at every practice. This is what I LEARNED ON MY OWN THE HARD WAY.  Sometimes I just have to let people learn through the process of trial and error. I now must just sit back and be as supportive as possible until the next time they ask for suggestions or feedback. Which I’ve done too. When one wants the best for each of their clients/athletes/people to do their best and get the most out of their workouts , so that they  can continue to produce awesome results in the gym and out of the gym. The gym will  always be a place to experiment with different exercises,movements and rep schemes and of course it always goes back to the fundamentals of strength which the barbell will also give you feedback on well you doing. img_2404ple in the end they are just going to do what they want to do. Luckily, I help people get awesome results and it’s because they trust me and the workouts that I create for them.

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