What is No-Limits? well simply put it way of life, a mindset to live your best life ever.


No limits is a mindset plain and simple. It is the ability, to believe that you can GO for anything you want out of life!!!!. IT is the ability to live an enriching life that challenges you, at your very being. It’s  being in a continual state of going after your most precious goals and dreams. ONE way to create a no limit mindset is to first write down a goal or dream that you want to work towards. You can set a small goal first, to get yourself into building success HABITS that will help you create your newer self. Yes your newer self, if you laugh or question this, or your potential new change, then this is for you or you could just be looking for a NEW way to  challenge yourself and get back into a NO – LIMITS MINDSET. No LIMITS means removing all your excuses. Most of the time they are not excuses but just old stories that we still live by and which we have built a life around. It could be your job, career, relationships, your fitness level, your eating habits and most of all our thought patterns. Old thought patterns that don’t move us forward have to be let go. One way to do this is to read books that have awesome vocabulary and can teach us something about ourselves. Start off reading about something new to you or just something that you find interesting. Start off with just 15 minutes and work your way up to an hour three to 5 days per week. Read about people that have done what you want to do or achieve. By filling up our minds and creating a powerful imagination to get more out of ourselves is tremendously powerful in getting us to take action. When you feel compelled to take action that just means your mind is bursting more and more positive and healthy thoughts on what life could be like working on your goals and dreams. In the process of working on yourself you will be an AWESOME example of someone investing in themselves to create an AMAZING life. When we reading or speak of great IDEAS or DREAMS we speak them into existence by giving them a powerful energy. This is why all  athletic TEAMS from all over the world have motivational QUOTES all throughout their locker rooms and practice facilities. The mind is the first step into developing a NO-LIMITS mindset. What we put into our heads shows up in our daily life all day long. After writing down your goal or dream keep a journal and keep track of how many thoughts you have throughout the day that are focused on your goal or dream. At first your thoughts might be on random things or off the wall things. There is no right way or wrong way about thoughts they just flow through you. Figure out your dominating thoughts and write them down. This exercise will help you determine if your thoughts are awesome or if they could use some help. Once you capture your dominating thoughts then we must replace them with healthy and positive characteristics that you would like to have such as courage, helpfulness, determination, work ethic, strength, flexibility, studious, organized, thoughtful, dedicated, a leader, .I have a list that I read out everyday in the morning, afternoon and night, this list also goes along with my life goals and dreams. We become what we think about all day long. So capture your thoughts and create your the characteristics that you know will help you create a NO-LIMITS mindset. Your first small goal can be read one book a month or to make twelve workouts in a month or to stet up a new blog. A goal is anything that will change or create new  daily habits  and will start to build YOUR  CONFIDENCE while creating energy and enthusiasm to stay focused. Get a friend in on your new challenge and double or even triple your chance of starting and staying with  your NEW MINDSET BUILDING HABITS. Obstacles will happen and life will happen, but the whole of starting something new is pushing forward and giving into your old way of thinking, such I can just take few days off or it’s not working or this is too easy. If and when you recognize negative thinking refocus on your positive characteristics list and read therm out loud. This will reinforce your mind to grow and have to just thinking about healthy and positive thoughts. WE are either going forwards, backwards or staying right where you are. This is a great NO-LIMITS builder, small goals and steps will lead to bigger goals and dreams. Once you start achieving you won’t stop and your CONFIDENCE will continue to grow.

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