Training in a group or with a coach to improve your technique and your mindset, don’t just go through the motions. Get better with intention.

Working with a coach helps you bear down and elevate your focus to make significant improvements and train at a higher intensity. A coach watching your every move will keep you on your toes, So that you can produce your best technique possible. Working with a coach will help you find your groove of self correcting and learning how to self correct different positions in the movements or positions you are working on. Learning to self correct is a difference maker that will allow you to get more quality reps in year in and year out. When working with a high level trainee we are looking for tendencies that only occur at a maximum or near maximum attempt. When form breaks down it is either mental or physical. Balancing technique work and strength work will help you  build up CONFIDENCE to keep increasing your total or to produce awesome workouts every year. I stay coachable because I’m always learning something new about my body and my technique. I will ask for a set of eyes to check me if I’m not performing at the level needed to improve or if I am not feeling strong, efficient or mentally prepared for the snatch and clean and jerk. Coaches can also pick up on if your head is not in the game, which is very important for making awesome changes and reaching goals. Working with a coach on a consistent basis allows you to have your tendencies watched and corrected if they are hampering improvements. Coaches also point out what you are doing great and what you can reinforce. Knowing the difference between a good rep and bad repetition is simple yet not simple. You can make a big lift with bad technique but eventually the faulty technique will limit your improvement or not. It is always best to make the improvements needed to make you better in the long run then to sit back and plateau by retraining your body for new positions. Have your lifts looked at on a regular basis so you can make continual progress on your journey to improvement.

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