“Every next level will demand a new and improved version of You.” Leonardo Dicaprio, with practice we can do this, but it will require a deep dedication and persistence, until your change becomes a positive habit and a new way of life.

We practice everyday with routines, rituals, training, reading, writing, eating, perseverance, determination, commitment,communicating, living, vacationing, planning, creating, working, dreaming, goals, action and becoming ourselves everyday. We have to make it a goal to practice a new behavior, action or attitude. This means we must do something different than we are use to. We have to live through and work through some discomfort. Being uncomfortable is sign of growth, it is a sign that we have to make a decision to create  significant changes in our lives or go back to what feels normal and what we have conditioned ourselves to live with. We must take responsibility for our NEW actions or retreat into what is no longer working for us. ONCE we create a powerful goals and make a plan of action, just like me writing everyday for thirty days back to back days.  It was uncomfortable to write everyday because I would only write pif I had something that was worth my time and yours. What do I have to write about? These are old ideas or excuses. As I mentioned before I gave up all my excuses and It created a whole New world for me!!!!. It opened my life up to New and Old opportunities that once were buried in my addiction. I no longer live with excuses and I am grateful and thankful to God for getting through the most extreme pain ever. I am thankful for being able top help others get more out of life. I am thankful that others can learn through my pain and can use my life as an example of what the courage to change and the wisdom to know the difference is all about. Practice is what I’m doing now. Writing to the best of my ability and trusting that this help me become a better communicator, husband, father, brother, coach, athlete and the most important a MAN of God. PRACTICE is very important it is what we become, it is what we learn about ourselves as we work on ourselves daily. It really does require a new version of us, in order to grow into our full potential or just get the momentum started to make progress with our new behavior or habit. Homework for tonight pick out a habit that you would like to change then create a practice plan that will have your action steps needed to make the new change. One of the simplest ways to create an awesome change is to set a goal with a date. This method is the best way to change and modify current actions like getting stronger and making sure you get in two squats workouts a week, so you pencil in a schedule of squats twice a week for the next six weeks. By focusing in on your squats you know that you must now incorporate mobility and stretching into your everyday day routine. So now just by making getting stronger a goal you have added in stretching and mobility to keep your body healthy and ready to squat on a more frequent basis. No w placing strength before conditioning you now know that a taxing high intensity workout the day before squats will produce some side effects such slight reduction in recovery between workouts and maybe a little tightness. The story would be different if you were squatting twice a week six months to a year while doing heavy high intensity conditioning, this is enough time to allow for you understand how your body will respond to this type of program. Of course along with this new goal nutrition and planned active rest must apart of establishing new habits and behaviors also now that you are making AWESOME PROGRESS IN STRENGTH and your body is looking more like a MACHINE you are now receiving amazing complements and your CONFIDENCE and HAPPINESS ELEVATES and now you want to others around feel the same. Wow the power of practicing something or creating a goal that gets you to turn your life Up.

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