WINNING MINDSET: It is easy but It is hard to do all the Time,Training your mindset takes time to develop. Improving your mindset will take your life to the NEXT LEVEL.

This photo underneath is the epitome of Winning Mindset. 2012 Gold Medalist Aleksey Torokhtiy and Cal Strength creator and USC alumni in the shot put and yes a former Wall Street investor, Dave Spitz who left Wall Street to live his dream of going to the Olympics in 2008 as a weightlifter and he did just that and dedicated his life to weightlifting after an injury sidelined his career and he opened up Cal Strength to train athletes and weightlifters. Dave demonstrated and continues to develop and strengthen his winning mindset by developing National Champions in weightlifting, The National Football League and Major League Baseball. Dave took the leap of Faith and followed his heart and passion to create one of the best gyms in the Country. A winning mindset doesn’t allow for any second guessing or what if scenarios. It is a determination in  believing in what you do daily and building up CONFIDENCE with taking Action on moving forward with goals and dreams. Taking actions means you believe that your goals and dreams will happen even if there are set backs our dreams don’t die. When our goals seem far a away it just means that we must take action on things that we can control and that means extra practice, extra visualization practice, extra reps in the gym, extra phone calls, reading and writing goals down help out tremendously, then it will always come down to faith and trusting that all the hard work will pay off. The magic is in the process and then just letting go and being in the moment of knowing that your time will come. Once we live in the faith of knowing that are dreams will come true if we just stay focused and do the work necessary  to getting closer. Each goal you love and develop will take time and energy. What we learn on the way to the top is PRICELESS and then becomes a CONFIDENCE builder to even BIGGER DREAMS.

Aleksey Toroktiky  had one goal in mind and that was to become an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST. He did not distract himself with Excuses or side goals and dreams. All his actions led him to be the best!!!! He created a plan and then proceeded to put in the Very Hard Work of Mastering himself to do what it takes everyday and stay the course. Toroktiy’s goal was built into his heart, He loved the process of improvement and HAS COURAGE TO TAKE CHARGE OF HIS LIFE AND GO AFTER HIS DREAM. If you are not clear with your goals and dreams then your focus and drive will be wishy washy. One way to build Courage and faith is to start with small goals that are short which allows you to get a feel of how to Goal Setting works. Write down your goal then write down 10 actions that you can take everyday that will lead you to your goal. Every ACCOMPLISHMENT that anyone has ever done followed a set of plans that they followed all the time. They also had STRONG “WHY’S”  that had them accountable to keep getting uncomfortable and to keep becoming someone New. WE always have to become more of what we are not and that is a GREAT thing that happens to people with SUPER AWESOME GOALS!!!!!! WE ALL BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!!!!. I’m getting fired up to talk about Goals and how to go after what you want. It’s a POWERFUL MINDSET once you start to practice it EVERYDAY. Stay Focused and stay the course, training your mindset will pay you back 10,000x more  once the power go believing takes place. Clear out your old thinking and thought patterns which don’t produce awesomeness or make you feel strong. It starts with changing your vocabulary into using powerful words and phrases that speak to your heart. Athletes follow their hearts and possess COURAGE!!!! Changing your mindset can happen right now at this very moment in time!!! Create your plan then plan on your dream. Your dream can be your story today. Speak as if your dream is o  it’s way. Plan out your as if you are doing what it takes to have your dream now. Talking about and visualizing your dreams and goals directly influences the subconscious mind. Once you start to develop your subconscious mind you will start to do things everyday that allow you to take action on your dreams. The subconscious mind is where we live, its comprised up of old stories that don’t move us forward or it’s our new story with the accomplishments, goals and the life we deserve. WE get what we put into our sub conscious mind on a daily basis just look around your life and that will show you what you think about all day long. So it’s working for you or against you or you are just learning how to MASTER yourself into Success. You CAN DO IT!!! It is simple but it must be worked on everyday to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS.


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