Healthy Strong Protein Shake, ideas so you can create own.

The last 4 months I’ve  been utilizing a protein shake for breakfast each morning for convenience and for the added nutrients. Long ago when I was first introduced to protein powder I would mix fruit and creatine and no veggies, until I learned just how important greens are to the body. Greens help with digestion and they are loaded with vitamins and minerals that support AWESOME health. Veggies are high in potassium, which is important to healthy blood pressure. They also contain vitamins such as C and A which helps keep skin,eyes, teeth, and gums healthy. Vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which fight cellular damage and help prevent heart disease, cancer, heart attacks and  alzheimer’s disease. So that is why I include lots of veggies in my shakes.  Pretty simple and blending  my veggies into my shakes allows me extra servings each day.

Green Super food contains wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, spinach, beet, carrot, pineapple and  acai. These are great when taken everyday to support recovery from workouts and for a health body in general and well being.

Cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale can help your body  can eliminate bad  estrogen levels in which in turn helps elevate testosterone.

Maca root powder is member of the cruciferous family, but because of it’s unique make up  is considered a SUPER FOOD. Maca is a natural source of healing nutrition. It stabilizes hormone levels in both men and women and can boost up the immune system while increasing energy, stamina and improved sexual function, memory and FOCUS. I added in the Maca for increased immune strength and all the above, but I do want maximize my reproductive system so that If God ever bless Maria and I with  a baby, my body would be able to produce the right nutrients and chemistry  for that blessing to happen.

Maca is also an adaptagen a name given to certain plants, herbs, that contain natural substances that help the body naturally adapt to STRESSORS like hectic work schedule, demanding career, illness. Consuming Maca helps with a sense of well being, more alive and can help with boosting feel good endorphins. This is just the tip of the iceberg for information on MACA powder and just a few of it’s benefits.

Grounded flaxseed from spectrum essentials which contains omega -3(ala) fatty acids and lignans. flaxseed offers the benefits of fiber which promotes regularity of a normal functioning digestive tract and healthy lipids. Alpha linolenic  acid is an omega -3 fatty acid that supports normal cardiovascular function and maintain a healthy heart. Flaxseed can also reduce sugar cravings which help when lowering body levels and elevating energy levels.

Powder Organic Peanut Butter is awesome because it contain 90% less fat that regular peanut butter, which comes in handy when keeping my protein shake made up quality ingredients to help with overall health and quality of life and but also add in some flavor and some carbohydrates to provide great energy for my 5:30am ands 7:00am classes. I hope this helps you put together an awesome shake that you get you going with both energy and health benefits to go after your day and reach your goals and your dreams.

As of right now I’m watching my carbs and mainly eating them before  workouts and right after. I’m doing this to reduce my inflammation caused by too much sugar during the holidays and into the new year.  So far I feel strong and energized with this shake and I hope you do too.


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