Have fun!!!! It’s a great perpective to become the best at what you do and one of the KEY INGREDIENTS to starting up a fitness program and continuing long enough to Reap the Benefits physically, mentally and spiritually.

Having fun is a must when coaching or training. Helping others enjoy the process in the initial STAGES of starting a workout program. People that are new to the gym or have only tried to workout a few times never had fun or a coach. Newbies must have fun pushing, pulling, throwing and squatting. The first few workouts are dreadful if someone if fresh out of sedentary  mode or making it back into the gym after a few months off. The results triple and MULTIPLE  OVERNIGHT, because the new trainee didn’t miss a workout and was excited with ENTHUSIASM to get into the gym for every session because his or her  clothes were fitting bigger which means body fat loss and off the charts energy levels. This makes life worth living again and way more productive day and day out. When training is fun people stay longer because they are learning that pushing the body has a PROFOUND effect on the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT!!!!! Training on regular makes all the mundane processes of life EASIER because they put in the work to STRENGTH the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT!!!! Now the possibilities open up because of the NEW FOUND CONFIDENCE that comes with INVESTING IN YOUR MIND, BODY and SPIRIT!!! To watch people take their lives to the next level is AWESOME!!!! Having fun also allows you time to start experimenting with nutrition, mobility, hydration, stopping negative habits and learning how to move correctly with no Pain. Training is a process that takes time, but it is well WORTH IT!!! two thousand times more then you would think you would have to INVEST.  Once You START PUSHING YOURSELF!!!! life will seem simple and easy because you now add weight to bar on your own and you now know the difference between strength training, conditioning, accessory work, cardiovascular work, mobilizing and meal prepping. These are the New LIFE SKILLS that will help you always feeling your best.

When a competitor has fun THEY are hitting personal bests in a specific workout or strength movement or hitting a LIFETIME PERSONAL BEST ON the Platform. They never miss a workout and they always provide a contagious enthusiasm and energy in the gym. The Competitor loves the hard training and the grind of pushing the body and mind past old limits. This type of training is mostly of the Mind. The really great competitors can actually visualize themselves in a competition or walking up onto the podium. They have mastered the ability to PUSH the extreme levels of ENJOYMENT or SURPASSING the THRESHOLD OF PAIN. The fun is in DEVELOPING their physical self enough to endure and to take on NEW ACQUIRED CHARACTERISTICS AND QUALITIES that must be WORKED FOR through PERSEVERANCE, FOCUS, DEDICATION, DESIRE, COMMITMENT, DETERMINATION COURAGE and then SUCCESS. This cycle goes on and on with New goals that will always have them make improvements and progress continually. Sometimes it Extreme hard hard to hold onto a plateau just long enough to get to the next level. This happens when you are a veteran of many years or at the top of your sport. It always takes MORE to stay there than to GET THERE. As the years add up and progress slows but the fun is always in the process of lifting, running, throwing, climbing, swinging, rowing, jumping, squatting for these ACTIVITIES KEEP US YOUNG IN MIND, BODY, HEART AND SPIRIT.


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