Taking the Snatch and Clean and Jerk up to a Maximum +

Taking the lifts up to maximum is all fun and games if your mind and body are ready to push through to the other side which is 100% belief in yourself and God for that tiny split second  it takes to snatch and clean and jerk. There are several scenarios for hitting high percentage lifts and yes it does depend on your training age, experience and strength levels both physical, mental but the determining FACTOR is SELF CONFIDENCE!

Self Confidence is the key to anything in life that you want to be great at. It is about putting in the time with focused intention on becoming the best you can be. That is the point isn’t or maybe you just dabble in it enough to make progress and become consistent. Time and Effort into the sport will help you progress as a lifter. Training hard  on the snatch/clean and jerk will build confidence in taking the lifts up a Max. Training hard and consistently to allow your body and mind to adapt and able to  imagine new personal records that can and will be surpassed. You will always have days where you feel good and your movements and strength feel snappy and crisp. This helps a lot when going for a max attempt. It just means your body is free of distractions and Now it is time to push your MIND into trusting and believing for that split second. Going for max weights takes COURAGE!!! to go under the bar with 100% knowing you will make it!!! Once you squeeze the bar off the floor smoothly so it gets to the hip then into the explosive phase of driving the bar up then deliberately throwing your body into the next position. Tommy Kono shares with us the mental side of training which I now know that all we are ever working on is the development of  a new belief in yourself with Courage/trust. Lifting heavy on an everyday basis helps with teaching the mind and body to approach the bar as if it doesn’t matter what’s on the bar. Our minds and body get use to heavy weights. Once lifting heavy is removed from our vocabulary then our minds open up to New PR’s that will follow with a small or slight de -load or no reload if you are new to the sport,  which means resting the body enough to develop an overcompensation in recovery of mind, body, spirit and strength to take place. A de-load can be any where from 2 weeks or 1 week depending on your what your coach has planned for you or what works best for you after some trial and experimenting on planning a PR attempt. Training cycles or  using percentages help with staying healthy which allows you more time in the sport. I just touched on a few basic truths about weightlifting. It is a hard sport because the mind and body are taxed everyday, day in a day out especially if you train for years on end. This sport will help you create an iron mind and  the COURAGE necessary to be SUCCESSFUL in Life and on the platform. Stay focused and and I will create  a blog post about competing on the platform. The lift below is a 300 pound clean and jerk that I hit last year. The heavier I lift and the more often means that I must dedicate more time to my overall training program. Rest, nutrition, stretching, mobilizing, accessory work will have to be optimized so that my body is free of restrictions/distractions which then allows me to use COURAGE on the the big weights. There are no what if’s in weightlifting, you have courage or you are working on it. Now for the novice or beginner,  as the weights increase over time, the more of you will be demanded from you in order to keep progressing. Train hard and train consistently with your best effort and you will SUCCEED.

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