Workout/Training strategies/tips for continued progress at the gym.

img_1794Strategies for making continued gains/fat loss, strength gain and psychologically  strong,flexibility, mobility, or just making it to the gym can be a goal in itself. Creating a focused approach will give intention with each training day and can help boost Enthusiasm for hard training sessions.

  1. Practice hydration, most people that are new to lifting and conditioning on a regular basis find out the hard way that they need more water throughout the day, so that they don’t overheat in a workout.  This might mean stopping the work out entirely because the bodies ability to cool itself off is not working because of a lack of water. I suggest at least one gallon of water each day to help stay hydrated, which equals to 16 8 ounces of water during the day. Our bodies perspire all day long whether we break a sweat or not we lose water throughout the day. It takes practice to hydrate the body and will take a few days or weeks of getting into the habit.Getting hydrated is well worth it. Here is why  water is AWESOME!!! increase in work capacity, your body will not overheat to the point of stopping continuously during the workout, You will move better with more elasticity in your muscles. The metabolism increases in  a hydrated state, if you are slightly dehydrated your body just slows down to conserve energy and to keep from overheating, so the body will not be performing at a high level. Water flushes out toxins and waste more efficiently and can help you increase your strength levels. Muscle is comprised of about 75% water. This means get your water intake up top par.  Water also makes our skin nice and helps you recover big time between training sessions.
  2. Foam rolling and stretching before, after and during can help you prevent injury by freeing up muscles that might be binding together, which then creates a limited range of motion. Anytime we have to alter our  movement patterns of the body that allow for more weight or more reps can put us in a position to cause and injury such as a tear, strain or pull. Each of these are not life and death but can be prevented to a certain extent with the use of a foam roller. A foam roller or a large PVC pipe can help smooth out or break up any knots which are muscles that are binding together and are not sliding across each other like intertwined iron ropes. Self-myofascial release is just like getting a message kinda. A sports message therapists can dig in specific areas and manipulate the muscle tissues specific to what is causing the pain and discomfort. Foam rolling can be painful when the body part that is worked on is tight and needs attention. The body can mask pain quite well especially if you train regularly. During training your body releases endorphins or feel good chemicals that that reward you for going the tough workout. Static stretching works for a cool down or to make the muscles pliable and prepared for foam rolling or a dynamic stretch such as running mechanics which are a series of light foot drills and stretches that are designed to mimic the running form and gets us to use our bodies in positions that we don’t use on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s great to use muscle that we don’t normally use on a frequent basis just to keep them prepped and activated so that we can access them when needed and too maximize all ranges of motion in the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, calves, wrists and ankles. Static stretching sit light holding body in series of positions that lightly get the body to stretch a little further then used to. Remember don’t force  your body into a position it is not made for,  stretching doesn’t mean putting your body into weird and awkward position to see how far they will go. Stretching is a time wake up the body or to assist in the recovery process of restoration.
  3. Set a 3 month goal with a plan of action. Determine what you want to work on such as entering a weightlifting meet or doing a cross fit competition or earning a Personal best on your favorite lift or just to  lose 10 pounds of fat. FAT LOSS is different then weight loss. Weight loss means that muscle will be sacrificed along with the fat, when this takes place we also lower our metabolic rate. When the metabolic rate drops so does the rate at which we burn calories decrease. So we have to eat strategically in order to keep as much muscle as possible while reducing calories just enough to shed fat off our bodies. One of the best ways to keep muscle on the body while in calorie reduction is to LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS and no you will not get big and bulky. With a meal plan strategy you will lose fat and get strong, lean and healthy. Or maybe just making it to the gym is the game changer. Getting into the habit of working out on a regular schedule could mean training with a friend, coach or team. Training with someone holds you accountable and actually makes put more effort into the workout. Training with a coach and a team can also make it fun and worth while to get up off the couch and work on yourself.

These are just a few tips and strategies that can help you continue making progress in the gym. These  are very simple ways to improve your results at the gym if you do them all the time. Just a few times here and there will leave your results at the back of the line. Write down your goals and read them out loud everyday to train your subconscious into help you to make these strategies and tips into an AWSOME Lifestyle where progress and continual growth take place.

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