The mindset hardens like “iron”with dedication to master himself or herself in order to develop COURAGE to go under the bar with 100% BELIEF of KNOWING they will make the lift.

Building or fine tuning the snatch or clean and jerk technique, so you can be consistent enough to start imagining bigger weights. People will always take a poke at weightlifting and not stay long enough really know what they are working on. Developing a MINDSET to Conquer oneself  takes time, commitment, dedication, determination, focus, desire, PERSEVERANCE and an accumulation of short successes over and over again. It is also removing one excuse after another on why you can’t succeed and that is a powerful lessen in making improvements all the time.

The process to lift the same weights over and over again takes its toll but LOVING the process is a must of challenging yourself to be the best you can be. Continual improvement is the key to ultimate Success of weightlifting or for any sport for that matter. Weightlifting is a very grueling sport that is very tough psychologically and physically. Day in and Day out,the Desire to become better and  a belief reaching for a new Personal Record or just smoothing out technique enough to know when you made a great lift or when you made a great lift but your technique and positions were not good. For me any and all PR’s are great because it develops a new level of CONFIDENCE and a renewed ENTHUSIASM to keep on trudging along.  Yes your bad technique can only get you so far, so it is always a great concept to make adjustments to your lifts that will allow you to get your body in the spot when needed to MAKE BIG TIME WEIGHTS. Weightlifting is also about feel and timing and learning for yourself when you move the bar up and overhead correctly.  YOU know when You know You made a good lift. it feels effortless, sometimes.

weightlifting’s taking enough repetitions to do self corrections with your mindset or slight technique adjustments. Mindset is the key. It looks like weightlifters are all doing the same lift or approaching it the same way but We/they are not. If your mind is not focused and clear to allow for maximum CONFIDENCE and maximum EFFORT with your body, ten you are still on the cusp to of learning about what it takes to push your physical body and UTILIZING THE COURAGE THAT WE ALL CAN TAP INTO ONCE WE HAVE FAITH. If you have not yet mastered the ability to attain a high level of focus, which means not being distracted by any outside issues, being tired which is just apart go everyday lifting, hungry, fatigued or coaching/lifting at the same time or  just inability to calm your mind give 100% effort of both mind  will limit your progress. Yes this means getting into the zone and being this very moment.

Training long enough to push your mind and your body at the same time. Building your mindset with training consistently and following a program or working with a coach that can and will help you progress in the snatch and clean jerk at a  steady pace depending on your experience. Consistency can also mean hitting 90% of your max at the drop of a hat which means you know what you are working on and making progress both with personal growth and in your weightlifting career. When Developing yourself as a weightlifter it also helps to work with a coach that gives you feedback on your lifts as well as on how  you should feel throughout your training cycle. Working as hard as you can while being smart and taking care of your body will help you on your journey to building confidence.

As the weights go up the confidence must as well. The harder you work and  the longer you stay int he sport, progress will take place-no matter what. Just give yourself time to get better and you will. Some people progress and improve at a quicker rate than others, but that is just a part of like.



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