Barbell fundamentals starting with overhead movements= strict press, push press, power jerk and the jerk.

Robin and I continued yesterday with building up the gym video library by filming barbell fundamental movements. One of the movements we discussed on video were the multiple variations of getting the bar overhead. Each variation is dictated on how much weight is on the bar.

1. Strict Press is a shoulder, tricep and bicep focused movement and correlates to raw strength. Raw strength is moving something heavy into position without any momentum or athleticism. The strict is great for building up a strong foundation for over head shoulder strength and it is really great for developing muscle on the shoulders. The strict press is a staple of bodybuilding and can be used to rehabilitate shoulders back to health.

2. The  Push Press utilizes leg drive with arm and shoulder drive together. This allows for even heavier weights to be used when lifting in the 1 to 3 rep zone and a few more kilos or pounds then the strict press which does not use the legs at all. Think of the legs and core as first gear and that initial leg drive or hip drive up through the bar resting on the shoulder girdle. This does require proper timing of the leg drive and pushing of the arms and shoulders up off the body and into a lock out position over head.

3. The Power Jerk is an explosive athletic movement which requires athleticism, mobility in shoulders and hips and  timing to maximize the effectiveness of this dynamic lift. Just like a push press but with an aggressive dip under the bar to receive it in a locked out position over head. Maximize leg drive by getting to the toes then dip under the bar. The power jerk allows to add even more weight to the bar than the push press because of the dip under.

4. The jerk is used to elevate maximum weight on the bar from the shoulders or front rack position to over head and is tremendously explosive and athletic. Once we drive the bar off the shoulders we then drive the legs part into a split position to get under the faster and lower than the power jerk. The dip/drive/split/and receiving of the bar happen simultaneously in a split second. This makes the jerk a tough movement to learn for some but once learned is extremely fun and rewarding. This movement also helps develop athleticism, so this is a great movement for strength and conditioning and general fitness.

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