(The Midtown Workout Party) Energy and Enthusiasm to Work Hard and Believe in Yourself, A day in the life of a husband,coach,athlete and entrepreneur and community leader of progress and improvement.

This blog post is the last goal for tonight before the clock strikes 12:00am. My blog prep included reading for an hour about goal setting and never stopping when starting something new because the more we work at it the better we will become.

My week starts on sunday afternoon or morning depending on if Chad Augustin and I lift in the morning. Training with Chad is challenging because he pushes me through physically demanding conditioners  but  I do them to keep on developing an IRON MINDSET. We work on the snatch and clean and jerk. We  take a variation to the max or work up to multiple reps. We incorporate accessory work into the conditioner to strength the body where needed. We rotate the exercises. This last sunday we trained for about 2 hours.I start planning this  weeks  training programs which includes strength and conditioning, weightlifting and the fundamentals programs which I normally create on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s. I’m currently in the midst of this  30 blog posts in 30 days that is becoming more in-depth as I get deeper into the month of February. The challenge is great because it now makes me create some awesome new writing and reading habits. As always there will be discomfort in making progress. I’m now loving the process of developing a higher level of communication and creativity and yes it requires more time  planning out what I’m going to write about and to keep it fun and fresh. Up at 4:30 am go to the bathroom and recite out loud my definite main purpose statement and self confidence formula 5 times each, then get dressed, brush my teeth and then give Maria a hug and kiss as she gets up just a few minutes after me. I have some pep to my step because I jumped into John C.Maxwell’s book “Developing Leaders Around you” it is awesome!!!! and I took notes too. Writing down my thoughts with pen and paper helps with what I’m learning sink into my subconscious  better. Everything we want to do, be or change is written in a book. So fill your up mind up with subjects that create energy and enthusiasm within in you. I know it works for me, so reading is a routine and a way of life.  I read slow because I do have dyslexia but it has helped me learn to developed my visualize skills and adds depth to  characters and messages in books quite well. After reading I start on my blog which I spent a little more time on than usual, I’m getting better at grammar and punctuation. But I still have Maria double check it since she is great at reading and writing.  So I finish sunday’s blog post and then watch a little TV then we head to bed. I wake up recite my definite main purpose statement and self confidence formula then head to the kitchen to brew up some coffee and make green protein shakes for Maria and I. I also pack 2 scoops of protein powder and 1 large chicken breast. I recite my goals and statement all the way to the gym. This is what training the subconscious mind is about, programing my mind to take receptive action daily  and help lead me to my goals. I PLANT MENTAL seeds all day. We can always create an awesome story in our minds or thought patterns and repeat it so much that it becomes true. Or you can have a negative story and produce less than an ideal situation. I get to the gym play ten minutes of Les Brown and write up the workouts on the board. We warm up the classes together with Cora and Maria’s group too. After an awesome 5:30am and a 7am I train a one on one client then off to run errands with Maria which was taking care taxes. Then Maria  finishes up logging the gym onto youtube for some RoMWod in the warmup room, which is super awesome. Dave Burgess warms up the 12 pm class then I get to work with a newbie who’s husband trains with the 5:30am group, it is really great when spouses train at the same gym and also together in the same class is  great too. The 12pm class ends then we all meet up Dave, Maria, Robin and Diana meet up to work on and discuss the logistics of fundraising event for St. John’s women and children’s shelter which is going to be great with lots of local venders, artists and of games and food.

From 2pm to 4pm Robin and I film about 12 barbell movements for the midtown video library which you can find on the Camilo Gutierrez youtube channel if you want to check out some barbell fundamentals. 4:00pm to 6:00pm I have the honor of working with the beginners, it is pretty cool to help people build there foundation for Midtown. Once people learn the basics there whole world can then open up. At 5:00pm we set up the new peg board which was given to us from 5 X’S Crossfit Games Competitor Chad Augustin. Everyone was excited fir that new peg board, it was a surprise.

The gym was off the hook with with everyone working hard and believing in themselves. I usually bounce back and forth between the barbell club, fundamentals classes and the crossfit classes to always help out and be of service to our coaches and teammates. Finally at 6:30pm I hit the platform for 3 sets of 2 power snatches @ 75% then snatch deadlifts 3 sets of 3 @ 110% then back squats 3 sets of 3 @ 80%. Overall it was an another awesome day at MIDTOWN STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING!!! after my workout I make sure I stretch and take out the trash. The 7:00pm finishes up a brutal workout but they kill it with Enthusiasm and focus. I get home about 8:30pm and give Maria a hug and kiss, A long day and it was productive in every sense of the word. I shower up and make egg whites and add in 1 beef enchilada from my brother’s birthday.  Yes it was awesome. Before I came home I reminded Maria that I am a lucky man to get to be her husband and that I will love and cherish her forever. I get into gratitude mode a lot these days especially when the gym is popping with HEART!!!! ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM. Everyday I get the honor to take care of the gym for some AMAZING PEOPLE!! with an OUTSTANDING TEAM OF COACHES AND TEAMMATES THAT BELIEVE in IMPROVEMENT.


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