Les Brown: His story of overcoming adversity and growing from the ground up is EMPOWERING IF THE MESSAGE SPEAKS TO YOUR HEART.

I witnessed and experienced Les Brown’s last speaking engagement here is Sacramento at Mc CLELLAN Air Force base located in North Sacramento. As I develop myself to the fullest with physical training, spiritual training, business training, relationship training. I keep returning to the fundamentals of success which is Do what you believe in and be the best that I can be. To be the best you must be willing to do the work necessary to achieve at every level of growth. If you decide to do what you love on a full time level than it’s going to take a 7 days a week 24hr success mindset. That’s why, if you love it, then most of the time it will not be work but an opportunity to create from your heart and give from your highest self and best version of yourself. Dedicating time, energy and love to help others believe in themselves is my calling, If I can do so can many others, it is possible to live your dreams. Going to see Les Brown was just by accident, I did not plan on seeing Les Brown. The opportunity just jumped in my lap. These last few years I have been playing deeply and impactful speeches from Les Brown and a whole host of others such as all time greats like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracey at the gym when I train. Words and vocabulary are EXTREMELY POWERFUL, what we listen to everyday affect our subconscious mind either positively or negatively.  I needed to change and build myself up and my business, they go hand in hand. I help people change their lives and get Awesome results. I was now at a point where I needed too utilize what I teach. It is easy when I live what I do and  do what I love. Nots so long ago I was in active addiction that kept me from reaching my potential no matter what I could not stop this cruel disease that almost killed, by the grace of God I am still  here to share my  message of going for your goals and dreams. I have some really great friends that supported me while I learned what addiction and alcoholism is  about and  Better yet I learned that there is a way out with the spiritual power of God.  As I began my new journey sober and at a slower pace, for me and my confidence level I run through my Goals but this time was different. My counselors and  a.a.sponsor said go slow and learn to crawl then walk, then power walk, then take a rest, then light shorts jogs, then eventually light running and then build up my hamstring flexibility and strength to run and then work on short sprints from time to if and when needed. I follow directions to a T, I learned from working with my gramps coaching me to lift and work on his rentals properties, I learned the correct hitting mechanics from a Sacramento City coach who broke it down step by step. I did what worked when I wanted to improve. So anytime I didn’t understand I would seek help. So I am highly coachable. It was hard on me  psychologically knowing that I COULD NOT stop myself from hurting myself especially knowing it was wrong.  Always stopping and starting until I asked for help, the disease creates a false dependance on it by having me think I could stop on my own. Now let’s get back to Les Brown and how I started to play his speeches before classes to provide an extra boost of motivation, encouragement, perseverance and HOPE that they could change their diets, make every workout, improve their strength and their relationships. I want to get the people I work with FIRED UP TO GIVE THEIR BEST EFFORT EVERYDAY.  Then one day I stumble onto free Les Brown tickets that are about three months away!!!!! Wow !!!!  I was fired up. I was getting back into my success habit slowly by reading, setting small goals and I put in a lot of work polishing up my weightlifting skills because all in all I am and athlete deep down in my heart. Working hard physically feels good to me, especially when I enjoy the process of  knowing that I will become better for it.  I turned to really hard training of being a weightlifter and I still am, but now I have some balance with running the gym with an AWESOME TEAM and my loving bride who all help me share the MIDTOWN message of “Work Hard and Believe in Yourself”. What we think all the time makes a difference in who we are Becoming everyday and every year. I have learned from Napoleon Hill and Bert Herna that a definite main purpose statement purpose is what all Super Successful  people create in the sports,business and financial world. The definite main purpose statement is what we say over and over again until we believe it and it then becomes our story in reality. This is what I call focused IMAGINATION, the statement has the “WHAT” “WHY” “HOW” and deadlines for reaching milestones,specific goals and more importantly specific actions that will determine your daily and weekly actions, it also has in character traits that I want to build up, example be organized and disciplined. I have used this method of reaching goals growing up, I used to write down what kind baseball player I wanted to became and then write them down under the bill of my cap. It helped and I became the baseball player with the specific traits I knew would help me. Now I have Definite Main Purpose Statement that I recite out loud every at least 10 times per day along with a Self Confidence Formula  from The book Think and Grow Rich that I will share with on a later blog post.  The best of best hypnotize themselves all day everyday with how they will perform and the performances they soon live out in real time. The key is to do it long enough to train the subconscious mind to believe it. The best of the best beige their AWESOME stories on how they will succeed. So I Challenge you to read your goals out loud everyday and take captive the stories that you are creating in your mind and decide itv they are serving you or are your stories old and not fulfilling you, do your stories create energy, enthusiasm and excitement that build the momentum to take action. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! The picture below is me before heading out to listen to Les Brown speak. I could have just worn my best gym clothes but, I wanted to change my entire mindset on Success, so I wore my best suite. I was also prepared to get  photo with Les Brown. With my new found winning mindset  was growing. This was last year and I am still making awesome progress and learning to become even better. Looking forward to helping people around the word change their lives and live their passion.


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