Elevating your mindset and performance with induced energy from training with a partner, coach, team or audience.

Back at it tonight with a another blog post. Yes it is late as of the time of writing this and looking for something that interests me and maybe get the opportunity to help someone learn and grow into a better athlete and an even  better person. A lot of great qualities must be earned, worked for, committed to,  desired for,  whether  we realized  it or not,  which most people don’t, persevered through or challenged by us until we have been changed for the better by our goals, dreams and passions. This is improvement and growth in the gym and outside the gym. WE change for the better or  we remain the same. The discomfort of changing our habits and visualizing ourselves as the person we need to grow into, in order to reach a specific goal or dream is a must, Change will happen and time will pass. My current 30 blog posts in 30 days has become challenging as of today because I procrastinated and didn’t make it an appointment. I find that writing is a challenge everyday because I want to write clearly, concisely and with some great memories or principles of how to improve. The  30 day blog challenge has helped me create new habits by reading more, meditating more, reaching out to guest writers for strength sessions and listening to music which  helps me dig deep into my mind so I can share my experience, strength and hope. The 30 day challenge has helped me create a new habit of writing for at least one to two hours per day and I’ve learned that once I sit down and focus on getting  my mindset right and flowing, then I feel free to share and then I  just let my thoughts and experience pour right out. Pushing myself to write everyday no matter what has helped me gain/build up a new “sense” of CONFIDENCE and it has allowed me to help more people understand training  the mind,  fitness, strength training, nutrition and  how to improve on reaching new goals and pushing yourself out of your comfort zones to produce everyday real time results and progress,  the list goes on and on. I’m able to help people all over the world now and also communicate  on deeper level with the Awesome people that I work with on a daily basis. This challenge is getting me to take some STRONG steps forward and progressing into a new version of myself. As I grow and develop myself  into a better version of myself I can and will help thousands more  people achieve even better results than before with bigger goals and dreams.  That in itself is very exciting to see happening now.  I now find writing fun. It’s a way to document my life and document how God and his principles and laws of success are timeless and living. “Success leaves clues” as Tony Robbins says and he is right. As I constantly study how to become successful and continually improving and  applying these habits daily and  always getting  myself to do what it takes to live out my dreams and passions, it just comes down to hard work and  staying focused. I have learned a lot about myself on this journey called life. You are my Audience that helps me improve my writing skills on a daily. Developing and producing blogs that I’m happy  with and to send out to all my social media platforms is pressure. Putting myself out there allows me to grow and for all of you I am very thankful. Taking action on what I believe in even if it means learning on the go and just using plain old daily practice to make improvements in the gym and outside.

Training with a coach or team  can and will elevate performances or daily workouts to new heights by that sense of competition or the drive to push oneself to get more out of themselves happens everyday. It makes a difference especially when the skills, talents,abilities, work ethic, desire and commitment level go up because of the awareness to not let others down but also being inspired to a better overall effort. When you see other throwing around heavy weights all the time it naturally stimulates you to visualize you lifting more and more weight. It’s the synergistic effect that grows when a group of people are working towards the same goal, OUR EFFORTS become better and the results come faster. Try one workout by yourself and then train with a team and then you can feel the difference right away. Training alone can be done and it can teach focus and determination but when you have a team behind YOU can really accomplish more in the gym and in life.





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