Implementing a weightlifting program vs. a general fitness program. “Repetition is the Mother of all Skill” Jim Rohn

Starting up a weightlifting program means, there will be structure and there will continuity of reps and sets with fixed percentages to allow the body time to adapt on the  different variations of the lifts ,which will be worked on throughout the week. In weightlifting we use percentages to manage the the intensity levels during the year and to keep the mind and body healthy. Just imagine trying to lift your heaviest snatch/ clean & jerk everyday at practice 3 to 6 days per week for 12 weeks. This type of training is unsustainable for the entire year and unhealthy mentally and physically, unless you have aspirations of competing at the highest levels.  Maxing out your lifts is  fun and great to do for a limited time and with some lifting experience under your belt. Training with percentages allows you time to focus on proper technique and get stronger at the same time with the  natural adaptation that occurs when utilizing his method of training and staying  on a Weightlifting program.

Now we can discuss intensity levels and how they are utilized to improve the snatch/clean&jerk. Intensity can mean heavy weights and less sets, high reps or lots of sets. Intensity is a variable that will allow the body to adapt to certain weights which equals consistency, example if you can hit 90% of your max snatch/clean &jerk then you have put some time into the sport which means you are hitting all your positions smoothly and efficiently but MOST of ALL YOUR  COURAGE/FAITH MINDSET has become STRONGER and your belief in your abilities and IMAGINATION has Grown. Growing your Mindset and focus is the Difference maker in the sport of  Weightlifting. Imagine hitting  90%  of your best clean and jerk for  7 sets  of 3 reps for two or three weeks in ROW. That is Confidence building. Using different percentages,sets and  variations to  also overcome technical difficulties or mobility issues that must be addressed.

Now picture yourself starting  week  1 of a training cycle at  70% then increasing the percentages by 4% to 5% each week for  7 to 8 weeks. That is a solid amount of time to develop consistency with the prescribed movements for  the program’s 8 weeks and for that specific day in training so let’s say for example monday’s workout which has hang snatch from below knees for 4 sets of 2 at 75% then the percentages would increase each week  our technique and speed of bar path and speed improve because we have practiced that same movement every week  for the last 8 weeks now IMAGINE HITTING A PR on this lift the last week of heavy training then going into a reload week which means dropping to 70% at the most. This DELOAD helps the Mind and Body Recover and now over compensation can now take place. The DELOAD  week helps the body  restore more energy and the mind becomes, once again Enthusiastic about going into a planned MAX OUT session which normally is one to two weeks after a Deload week. After maxing both snatch/clean &jerk,  either in  competition or regularly planned MAX OUT  training session with the TEAM.

The importance of training with Team is crucial in being able to sustain a weightlifting program, as with anything in lift the better we get the harder we must practice. It helps to train with a coach and team to help push us through the hard workouts, especially when the weights get heavier and the PROGRAM DEMANDS MORE US BE PRESENT. In order to get the best results we must be willing to endure the aches and pains of developing the  snatch/clean &jerk to reach your full potential.  Weightlifters call their training practice because in essence they are working on perfecting the snatch and clean and jerk and it is a specific  skill set that will be worked on day in and day out for at least the next 8 to 12 weeks.  Increasing the total for the snatch/clean & jerk is the ultimate focus for the sport of weightlifting.

A weightlifting program can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 or 16 weeks. This is also known as a training cycle which climbs up in the  intensity department as the we get deeper into a training cycle. Each new cycle is worked on to bring out certain qualities in a lifter or team depending on how the athlete or person’s performance at the last weightlifting meet went, or how well the last training cycle or program was completed.  Depending on your skill level or experience with the lifts. A program will increase your awareness of the technicalities and allows you to smooth out the mechanics. If you are  new to a weightlifting program then patients is a key component to improving. There will be bad workouts and great workouts, that is just a part of the process. Just give yourself a chance and our coach an opportunity to help you improve. A coach will help get you through a solid program with increased CONFIDENCE and an IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR LIFTS. Over time and a bunch of training cycles, you will feel the difference and your team  will notice TOO. Once a base level of consistency and strength is built up,  which takes time, dedication, perseverance,focus, determination, commitment, strength, desire and Yes success.

There are also people that dabble in weightlifting which means to occasionally throw in a variation of the snatch or clean and jerk for a fun workout. This is what I call fitness and yes you can make improvements doing the lifts once a week and or twice a week. As the repetitions increase over the year on a program  that is based on general fitness can and will help improve your weightlifting no matter what. At a certain point during fitness training some aspect of your lifts will breakdown either technically,psychologically or lacking  strength in certain positions and mobility issues will come into play. It is then that we must address these issues, you must decide that the lifts are where I want them for what I’m getting from them, which is some athleticism, balance, coordination, flexibility/mobility and COURAGE. Here is Bob Takano, Sean Waxmen, and Nghiep Dingh of SENSE gym, all these coaches program for  highly competitive athletes all the way through to general fitness. This photo was taken at the 2015 American Open in Reno, Nevada,

img_2037Fitness  based weightlifting should be fun and still focussing on  development of  all the athletic qualities that make the Snatch&Clean and Jerk fun and a very valuable movement in any program or workout regimen.

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