Learning the fundamentals from the ground up whether you are an advanced trainee or beginning your fitness career.

The fundamentals are the basis for everything in life. We must first dedicate a specific amount time to the gym or anything worth doing on a routine basis, to even consider making progress. When playing with gym time in way as should I go or should I not go. The first first rule of making changes physically and mentally is that in order to  build the foundation of change like starting a new routine going to the gym and making it happen or you can be on there other side of the spectrum which means you’ve been training your ass off for a few years and now the coaches are on you to do some typo of competition either in house or outside the gym. This means they started being consistent with the the workouts each week meaning they gave themselves time to learn the proper mechanics of each movement and can now handle heavy weights with safety and now they can challenge themselves, This also means that they know their maximums for all the regularly trained lifts or skill movements that are called upon during that training cycle or period of focus. The fundamentals also mean learning how to stay hydrated and have incorporated stretching and foam rolling into an everyday part of  their training day and it’s not just stretching  because they are in so much pain that they then can now afford 5 to 10 minutes  addressing aches and pains that go along with pushing the body and mind to new levels of performance in life and the gym. Prepping the body for tomorrow’s workout. The  importance of training with a coach and teammates for accountability and to Rise to AWESOME CONFIDENCE levels. It can be  for sports performance, weightlifting or general fitness,  In order to achieve quality results we must, master the fundamentals then we can add on the bells and whistles of training, bodybuilding, Crossfit, weightlifting, power lifting, nutrition, stretching, planning work outs= programming, goal setting and whole lot more that I can get into later. I’m working hard stay on point with the focus of this blog post. I want to make it clear that learning the fundamentals of strength training or nutrition are very important but it’s when you keep transitioning and wanting to learn into progress. First it starts with having a goal, then it becomes how can I become better at the movements and asking yourself and your coach, how can I build up more energy to push harder, how can I move better, How can I lift more, how can I strategize this week of workouts, how can I be safe meaning I want to train all year long and not just for today. These are all great questions when you are ready and willing to make some significant changes in their daily routine because of the daily feedback we continually get when  we are pushing ourselves hard in the gym. Do we always need to go all out  yes and no. There are times to put the mind and body through some less intense workouts in order to recover and keep training year in and year out. So planned days off are a must and no you can’t train so hard in two weeks to make up for five years of couch time. The fundamentals are what we work on daily to keep the progress coming. It’s taking it step by step when you are ready to take that next step. Most ATHLETES that want to be the best will just implement the steps needed to perform better and  reach their highest possible level right away, most high level athletes are working against time line for a short window of Mastery on the field or on the platform. This  means  they eat correctly for their energy goals, strength goals and a  recovery plan  between workouts to properly train at the intensity needed for them to see improvement. This means they are willing to learn the fundamentals which allows them a clear road to push themselves. They have made the right adjustments needed to control the variables that they have power to control which is what they eat, how much they sleep, going to the gym, stretching and hydrating No if’s and’s or butt’s or NO EXCUSES TO NOT SUCCEED.  This goes for the everyday person that wants to improve their life with nutrition exercise and performance, there are a few that can walk in and implement the fundamentals needed to make training healthy and eating healthy a lifestyle. Keep mastering the fundamentals to keep improving and making yourself better are the keys to anything you want to accomplish. It all starts now. I’m closing in on two weeks of writing everyday. My goal is to communicate on what I have learned  over 29 years of training  with some of  the top coaches in strength training, baseball and business and with applying the fundamentals to my training, nutrition, business and relationships. Yes most people that first walk into a gym have the dream of  creating a 6 pack set of abdominals yet they don’t know what proteins,fats and vegetables are and how they effect our moods, energy and body composition. So the first thing to do is learn what a calorie is and what these macro nutrients can do to the body when consumed in the right proportions. Yes it takes practice and a goal of learning how to choose the right nutrients for your lifestyle. There are 100’s of diets that work, now it’s doing the homework of learning the fundamentals of food to work towards the RESULTS that you want to work for.  The same goes for someone that wants to become a competitive weightlifter. Learning how to front squat, push press, overhead squat, deadlift, hang powers for some newbies. The body needs lots of reps so it can learn to adapt the correct bar path by utilizing a sequence of muscles during the initial pull off the ground all the way to the finish position. It’s learning how to move your body efficiently, explosively and athletically. Learning the fundamentals of the snatch and clean and jerk by breaking it up into smaller digestible pieces so movement pattern improves and CONFIDENCE can be built up and the imagination of know that we can all reach those big weights or develop a healthy body that shows how much time we invest in it by what the body can do and how awesome it looks. Always make time for learning and reapplying the FUNDAMENTALS. 0411161347_popout




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