Gratitude and remembering the great people in our lives.


Not a day goes by when realize all the great qualities my Gramps taught me. He taught me how to stand up shake hands and  introduce myself to everyone. He taught me how to wake up early to get work done.

He put together my very first  workout program, He taught me the importance of giving my best effort. My gramps helped me build up confidence and the desire to succeed. He was always working, 7 days a week. I asked him why he worked so hard and he told me he enjoyed it. He used to work in the fields for a local farmer with his grandparents. He hated it and from that day on he vowed to never work in the fields again and he didn’t. He also learned at an early age that if you go out and look for opportunities they will be there if we go out and take action and HUNT for them.

I am super thankful for my Gramps.  He knew about the power of POSITIVITY and looking for the solutions. He went to all my baseball games and was my biggest fan, my mom was too, but my gramps was there for me day in and day through all my ups and downs. Thank you Gramps!!!.  The picture above is of my Gramps, Grandma and their first employee Shirley who would be the secretary and helped my grandma with the sewing of the draperies. My Gramps also taught me the importance of hard work and that if we work hard enough and long enough that anything and everything is POSSIBLE. Gutierrez Draperies also allowed my gramps to purchase real estate and also become successful at that. He loved helping people because he had people that believed in him. He believed in me and helped more that I could ever repay him.

I’m grateful that my Gramps took me to work with him. I got to see first hand how my Gramps made difference in peoples lives, they were always super happy to see us. The power to make someone smile is very POWERFUL and can change a life. This is why fitness is close to my heart, it makes me feel good about myself and I am Super grateful that I can help others feel good about themselves too. THANK YOU GRAMPS!!!!!


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