Strong relationships in the gym and outside the gym.



Happy Valentine’s Day and yes for me it is a special day because it is my first with my wife Maria. I make it a priority to show my love and commitment to Maria everyday because everyday is a gift and we don’t know when our last day on this earth will be.

Today is a normal day with my work schedule but than I realized that I’m blessed to have an amazing woman that loves and cares for me. She is my number one supporter of my dreams and goals. Most of my goals are for her and US. I work really hard aspire to provide an outstanding life filled with loved and worldly adventures. Today’s blog was supposed to be short but now as I write, I’m even more motivated to write and document about what is working in my life and how I overcome challenges that we all face.

Today’s challenges are taken head on by looking at the resources available to me and what can I take action on personally and what new skills will I need to learn to move forward on my goals and dreams. I then look for a mentor or friend that has already done what i want to achieve and pick their mind. I always look at how I can help others first and foremost then I see if we can work together by checking if our goals are in alignment. Together we can Accomplish More – it is proven time and time again.

Becoming stronger and fitter in the gym allows me be there for my wife and and vice versa. Training clears the mind and body to be free of distractions that might keep us from developing ourselves to the fullest. The gym helps me build confidence in my health and relationships because it makes me feel better about presenting my best possible self. Brian Tracy says “the more we liken ourselves the more our life gets better and the more we can give to others”  that is self confidence and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. Taking care of ourselves is taking care of our relationships. Today is Valentines day and I’m grateful to spend time with the love of my life  and that is me working on being balanced and to show appreciation for Maria because she has been investing time into the gym and taking care of US. That means a lot and I’m fortunate to have her in my life. We push each other to be better and to always make improvements. I observe her personal growth daily and it is exciting and refreshing to see her take on challenges enthusiastically . At times it is uncomfortable but that means we are growing together because we both share the same goals and dreams in life.

Training partners are extremely important because this relationship  evolves around hard work and continually to place ourselves in the improvement mindset. When we push ourselves to get the most out our abilities-the workout and our coaching relationships , it creates a unique training environment to make awesome changes as well as hit PERSONAL BESTS inside the gym and outside the gym. When training in a group  workout.. you  continually push hard and encourages everyone else push hard-the synergy effect is produced and it COMPOUNDS into the best results.  Strong relationships lead to strong results.







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