5 ways to create a Winning Mindset, It is very simple,but it will require time, focus,commitment,determination, dedication, COURAGE to Change and Grow. Practice and taking Action are Absolutely the keys towards Developing a Winning Mindset that will help you in all aspects of life.


PRAC-TICE  /’praktes/   is simple yet not always done to the extent that it needs to be done, in order for anything to be mastered or become proficient, We must Practice. This is day 4 of my 30 blog posts in thirty days. It’s me challenging myself and holding myself accountable to actually sitting  down and creating a blog post. Which means making time to write and become a better writer. At first I was nervous to post because it’s putting my knowledge and know how on the line and I didn’t trust myself as a writer to express myself in the best way possible and now I know, it is all about just being myself and doing my best. I have learned to write, trust that  what I do and and  TEACH WORKS and now it’s about sharing our Midtown message with the Whole World and I am  very excited to help many others achieve the success that they want in their life. It is Possible, because I’ve done it and continue to prove that the basic success laws and principles work for everyone that has COURAGE to Apply and PRACTICE them Everyday.Challenges keep us fresh for growth and we can  all grow in positive direction. Making changes always goes back to practice and when we start something new we aren’t good YET.  I started this blog as a way to keep  track of my workouts,mindset and as a personal journal to document my life as  an entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach, gym operator and yes a person who loves to help others be their best. We all have a starting point and we can all make improvemets somewhere in our lives. It’s trust and believing that we can!!!! with practice and hard work and God leading the way ANY and ALL things are possible. Gary Vaynerchuk is huge on going out and being a practitioner of what we want to do, be or change or accomplish. It is impossible to improve without Practice. What will you Practice today.

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