5 way to improve your nutrition for both strength gains and fat loss


People always want the easy answer which is, can I outwork my diet and can I build muscle while losing fat. Eating healthy whole foods can help you get leaner and help you add weight to the bar. First off set a goal  and then figure out what foods you are consuming on a regular basis and how much  water are you taking in everyday. This is the starting point. Most people don’t know what they consume day in and day out. Keeping a journal helps keep track of what you eat and how much you eat. This  will be a huge help for  building your nutritional foundation. Once you know what you are eating on a regularly basis then we can add food or replace foods with a trial and error approach, meaning that, Now we must search for foods that you will like to eat and foods that we can prepare on a consistent basis. Nutrition is an everyday activity and a very large part of the training versus workout model that I have written about in the past. In training we are working on making the necessary changes to bring about Awesome results. WE change by retraining our habits in the gym and outside the gym.  After keeping a journal for two weeks, we can then evaluate the results of your eating patterns then pick and pull where needed to fill in the gaps or maybe just break up a few big meals into smaller portions. This is  basic caloric control. Then we can pick out lean sources of protein, clean carbs, vegetables and healthy fats. We also want to make sure to drink a minimal of  one gallon of water which raises our metabolic rate and and helps with digestion so our bodies run better in the gym and in everyday life. Hydration can also boost our energy levels. A dehydrated body runs slower, which means you will run out of gas early in a workout. SO up your water. Stay off the scale and let your body composition show your progress. Clothes will will fit bigger and while the scale will sometimes minimally budge downward. So please don’t use a scale. Another key to muscle gain and fat loss, weigh your food so you actually know what a portion really is. Kust knowing the portions of the food on your plate will help dramatically in you eating the right amount of food to make progress. This short little blog was just addressing the BIG details in making the transition into learning and creating awareness of the power of foods in the rights portions that can lead to more energy, increases in strength and yes you might be able to see some abdominals  if you eat clean for long enough. Eating is not a quick fix, those with the best results turn this style of food management into a lifestyle of AWESOMENESS.

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