Getting off the energy drinks!!! and pre-workout and creating Big goals that help energy and enthusiasm.


Getting off the pre work out was not hard. It was just a natural progression for  me and my training. I love the high energy environment and it helps with creating very intense and awesome workouts. Sometimes the pre workouts and extra caffeine can give a false sense of energy. Instead of allowing a solid meal plan and some great goals to provide energy and focus. I was looking for a short cut to intensity and I knew that I was relying on pre workout because my recovery program such stretching, hydrating, eating and sleep might be off, or over working, kind of like burning the candle on both ends. Which for me means early mornings coaching then onto working on some aspect of the gym, then head back to the gym to help coach or manage. When I train as hard as I can, there is usually a nap or period of quiet meditation to allow my body and mind to recover. This video was filmed during the summer and during one of my many vlogs that I will shoot randomly or I will go on a two week bender of creating videos that allow me to help others become better. One way that allows me to help people get better is Staying in the learning and goal setting process. This keeps me in touch with the ups and downs of going for big goals and big dreams. I can help others easier to from my first hand experience.  This short video also discusses  how a healthy well rounded diet can help you recover better between workouts and provide enough energy to train as intensely as you need to and both diets and intensity  vary depending on goals inside the gym and outside. The challenge for me on strength sessions is to write a blog post everyday for the next 30 days. I’m not scared but was a little nervous about what to write about, then I watched this old video and ideas came rushing in. This 30 day writing challenge will also document progress with goals that I have been working and this will help me become a better writer and communicator.



























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