Staying in a positive mindset works!!but only if you stay there. As I grow as a husband, entrepreneur, writer, listener, philanthropists, business owner/ operator, blogger, coach/athlete, student and family. Growing into a person.


This is my first strength sessions blog post in quite sometime. I’ve had plenty of great learning experiences from this past year. For one, I’m now married to my bride and with that I’m now apart of Maria’s three children’s lives duh.  I find this an honor of great  responsibility to love and nurture their mother. I know this from experience of having step -dad’s in my life or men that dated my mom and were there for a few years. I have seen first great relationships and first hand relationships go bad and it went really bad. One of my step father’s was my biggest supporter and believed in me and my dreams. He was very smart and my mom loved him very much. He took me to my first hitting lesson that would change my life forever and he bought me pitching machine and a cage and for that I’m still very grateful. My step dad was in my life for about 10 years. The last three years my mother and him were together were painful for my entire family. My step dad’s name was Phillip and he owned a landscaping company and could build a car from the ground up and also build a house. He had a tremendous work ethic and he took great care of my brothers and sister. Phillip had a tremendous enthusiasm for life and always looked at the solution for of life’s obstacles that could create a negative state of mind real fast. During the tough times of watch my mom’s relationship go bad, I always had lifting weights and baseball to keep my mind right. Looking back at my life now, I see all the obstacles I have overcome but I never stopped lifting or playing baseball it just was not an option. I just loved how lifting and playing made me feel and they gave my life direction, when there was plenty of uncertainty and adversity daily. Through this I managed to make the varsity baseball team at CK McClatchy High School and make Post 61 American Legion baseball summer team where college players would come home and play. So quality of play was outstanding and it was very competitive. My sophomore year was going to be a big year especially with the confidence I earned playing with the best on Post 61. Sophmore  year started ended terrible and I didn’t understand why until I examined my life to see what was going on. It happened to be the last year of a two break up with  my mom’s and step dad’s relationship. There a lot of negatives at home and lots of reasons to QUIT. Quitting never once appeared in my mind. I owe that to the characteristics brought about with strength training and baseball and yes my Gramps was and still is a positive influence on me today.  Now back to my main point.  My step was active in his addiction and I had asked him get help and told him help is available, even though I did not understand addiction, I KNEW that my family and I would be there for him. He chose not to get help and that last I would see him for awhile. Through all this I became stronger but didn’t know it. Through all this I learned that step father’s can make a positive impact on their new families lives. I never called him dad and I didn’t need too, he still loved me like his very own. I now want to do the same for my new family, although they are young adults I  still want them to know that I care and I’m here help them help themselves as my gramps would say. Staying focused on the positive can change your workouts, decrease stress, produce better relationships, get you to your goals and of course change your life.  I’m still amazed at how staying focused on healthy thoughts and words are the life we live daily, it has that much impact. Does it take work yes it does, is it Worth it, YES it is. Praise GOD. See you all next week.



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