“Struggles often serve to release the wisdom, patience, and strength we all possess but too seldom demonstrate” Jim Stovall

1471269238891Each workout is it’s own challenge to push forward and gain a sense of victory over one’s self. Training to build confidence and a specific skill take time and effort. We do get an endorphin rush after the workout. Each workout or training session helps build us up. The more we train the stronger we get. Each workout must strategically and continually get tougher. As we train harder ,we overcome and build up a stronger mindset which sets you apart from the average person who has no clue what training on a regular basis means. As we continue train, we keep on growing and developing these  internal characteristics such as perseverance, determination, work ethic, commitment, dedication, focus, drive, fearlessness, self-confidence, digging deep into ourselves and activating a part of ourselves that we  never knew,the belief in ourselves which is  very powerful.  I have helped people tune into their Awesome capabilities and gain an understanding of the possibilities that are available to them with use of the powerful characteristics that I mentioned above. These characteristics can all be experienced with training hard and pushing ourselves to limit of what we thought was not possible and making that extra effort into making progress by getting uncomfortable with our old mindset and developing a new winning mindset that we can take into real life situations. We have to work hard and and keep taking action on our goals, dreams, relationships this in turn builds momentum and an even stronger mindset. Each training session is a struggle and it is up to us to rise to that challenge everyday, are we going through the motions opt life or, are WE PUSHING PAST OLD LIMITS with each OPPORTUNITY that We earn or work for. We all have the power to overcome. What choice will you make.

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