Writing down your Goal and a Plan of Action.

img_15750606160632We have all heard about keeping track of our food intake by writing it down in a journal, we have all heard of a training journal, we have all heard about diaries, we have at some point in our lives taken notes in school, we might even write down to do lists on a regular basis.Note taking is very effective because it keeps track of information that is needed or will be used to plan ahead.  Journals give us direct feedback on what we are doing on a routine basis whether it’s foods, weights, thoughts, goals or just daily to do lists, it helps create a clear message on where we are going and better yet, what results our current actions are producing. Journaling helps with keeping us accountable by making sure we are pushing ourselves to the right level of  intensity in order to reach our goals. It also shows us what we can work on and it shows us what we are doing well in.  I usually suggest a journal right from the start, because it’s a starting point to progress. It shows us the possibilities and gives us direction.  Depending on your training experience, if you are a beginner usually first 2 years of training or working out, novice just over 3 to 4  years of steady workouts with no major gaps or large breaks in your training routine, intermediate 4 to 6  years with solid training and our advanced or veteran of 6 to 12 years of training with no major breaks or large training breaks, usually at this time it’s a lifestyle and routine which has proven benefits over time. We can get into a more in-depth article about training age, abilities, mobility, strength levels, coachability, various  programs, familiarity with barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, basic body weight movements and or even just machine based training.  A journal is very important at any level of your training journey because it will always give us feedback on what keeps us it tip top shape and what habits we need to incorporate such better quality foods, more water, better sleep, more time mobilizing, better que words, more lifts at 90%, more squats, more rest, you get the picture, the information that we can track can be invaluable in continued progress.  Endorphins make us feel good after the workout and goals help us continue to help us build confidence, self-esteem, strength both physical and psychologically. Goals and a journal also can create the energy and enthusiasm to get in tough workouts. Or you can have a coach that tracks your workouts for you, but at some point we must journal, take notes and track progress because it will at some point give information to grow and make improvements.






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