Just married, STRONG at home with My New Family.

  • 11-26-16  Just Married 1126161907_hdr I am very thankful and grateful to announce my marriage to Mrs. Maria Gutierrez. It has been an adventurous and amazing time in my life the last three plus years of my life with making AWESOME changes and creating a great life with Maria and with growing and developing the best gym possible. The more I push myself outside my comfort zones and continue developing myself to reach some tremendous goals inside the gym and outside of it, all the  while helping others reach their goals is what drives me to succeed. Just going for it and running towards my dreams with all the twist, turns and minor plateaus that go along with becoming someone new as  I change and adapt to meet new demands and requirements that go along with being the best. I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before, so I’m creating new habits that will allow me to flourish and help even more people accomplish their dreams and become better versions of themselves inside the gym and outside. I know the power of belief and I know the impossible is possible when we have Faith and we continue to Work Hard and Believe in Ourselves. It all starts with a Goal or Dream and yes surround yourself with people that will push to get there, but as always wE have to want to be pushed and changed for the better.

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