Competition opens the door to new insights or just not focused. Either way no excuses, just some fuel for the next competition.

This was my opening weight from my competition on saturday. This a 134 kilos and about 293 in pounds. I felt good and strong. Warm ups were solid until I went to the platform and started to think about my second and third attempts. You get the picture now. My focus drifted from doing the best I can for this one lift and staying in the moment.  I started thinking about 137kg and 140kg before I even touched 134kg.  A drift in mindset yes. Excuse no, I just didn’t lift my best. I took the lift for granted. I never say I got this, I always say to myself,  stay focused on hitting my positions and believing 100% for that split second in time. So I like to think about what my body can do and to imagine being a powerful piston driving the weight up and giving out an aggressive yell and scream to keep my head clear. The piston part is from Tommy Kono, he always used his imagination when lifting.  Tommy Kono always imagined himself to be a lifting machine. So I changed my pull off the ground on all three attempts. The bar dies not feel heavy, my mindset was not straight. It’s usually a bad pull from the ground that makes the weight  feel heavy because the bar is not straight from lift off and the wrong muscles are not used in proper sequence to maximize the body’s ability to lift big time weights. This was also an  embarrassing moment too. I  live stream our barbell club practices to show others we help people make progress  in the snatch and clean and jerk and I push myself to excel on command to help motivate people to show them what the body and mind are capable of,  so to miss in competition was dreadful and because I coach  others become stronger with the mind and with lifting weights and goal setting inside the gym and outside the gym. I questioned my leadership abilities but as I drove home with my thoughts. I began to focus on why I lift and what can I learn from this learning experience. My ability to turn it around and get the most out of this competition  as a source of improvement, which will only add fuel to my fire for self improvement. I lead  by example which means I’m not going to stop weightlifting and I’ll be in the gym on sunday and monday  to set the standard of getting back up after a fall and learning from it. The motivational quotes I post on my social media helps me to  always focus on improving myself and staying focused.  I post everyday  to help attract other people that can be apart  of  my journey which  can and does create an amazing SYNERGY EFFECT,  but most of all to help inspire others to greatness or just to LIVE  a more fulfilling life with great experiences, LEADERS do have off days and it is just how deal with them that is different.   I chose to focus on the positive.  We are meant to do AWESOME!!! I have done it and continue to do it!!!!  My lifts have become consistent and my last bomb out was about 2 years ago.  So yes very humbling but I’m still WORKING HARD and BELIEVING IN MYSELF.





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