Training with a Team or Coach that can pick up on “minute” details or tendencies of your approach to a heavy lift or a tough workout in general. Knowing the points at which you breakdown technically or psychology.

Training hard and making progress, when going to the gym isn’t a challenge anymore  but working on the finer points of training the specifics of a particular movement or a particularly hard workout, it’s when you look at the white board and just know that everything about this workout is going to suck. This is when a coach or Team can call you out. Our coaches or your training partner knows that you can push yourself through it and even excel at it. It comes down to old barriers that we think we still own mentally but our actions and work ethic show our coaches and team that we are capable of maintaining technique or giving a better effort on a conditioner. That’s the difference between training alone and with a group. In the video above I cleaned 90% off the blocks for triple and yes having my partner Daniel point out a minute detail that he noticed and let me know. Sometimes, I just want to get the workout over and just make lifts. I know deep down inside that  in order to progress in weightlifting I must focus on perfecting a specific movement pattern for my body to efficiently maximize my strength and body levers. It’s hard and my mind just wants to get it over with, or when my body our your’s is tired and not feeling it’s best. Once in awhile your best performance can come out of day that nothing feels right but you allow your body to move and you somehow make a great lift or kill it in a great conditioner where you feel slow but for some reason you keep up a great tempo and it leads to a great finish. Do you know tendencies when a lift gets heavy or the conditioner looks too CRAZY.  What’s your go to?  That is when the best improvements are made. So funny but when anything gets hard that is when growth occurs or I like to say an OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE OURSELVES.  Next time it gets hard capitalize on Your Opportunity. These opportunities are created with hard work on a daily basis. So the next time your coach critiques your technique or your Team call you out on a conditioner, thank them and be grateful that you have people that believe in you. Then it’s time to let and see Awesome you can be if you trust yourself and just go for!!!!!!

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